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Fake News from the Guardian and BBC Radio 4 - Covid vaccines and Brexit

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 19 September 2021

The Mrs switched on BBC Radio 4 this morning as she baked a cake for Joshua’s 5th Birthday party and as I made porridge with apple sauce for the family breakfast. No-one told me that having to listen to BBC Radio was part of the marital deal. I should have insisted that not listening to Pravda was part of the marital vows some eight years ago.  The programme was “Broadcasting House” and part of it included two obviously left wing harpies and a former Tory MP who spent his career before entering showbusiness for ugly people working for the BBC so was obviously a drip. Natch most of the big news stories they picked were from the Guardian Observer.

The big story today was on page nine of the Observer and is about how the EU says it is winning the Covid vaccines race. A Scottish harpie droned on with nobody challenging her about how at the start the EU lagged free Britain but was now winning the race. She said none of the Brexit supporters were telling us about this. This diatribe was presented without one challenge. But it is just pure 100% fake news.

Below you will find two Guardian/Observer stories on this matter. The first from early 2020 warns us that because of Brexit the UK will not get covid vaccines as fast as folks in Europe. Natch this has been shown to be bollocks but is up there as a story even today with no note to say that it was bollocks and has been shown to be pure fake news.

The Second article below is today’s gem.  You will note that what the Brexit loathing rag reports is a claim that the EU is winning the vaccine race, a claim made by Ursula von der Leyen.  Ursula can claim what she wants but what she claims is a lie. Natch it is one that the Guardian and the BBC are happy to repeat with no challenge. The FACT is that across the EU 70% of adults (i.e. over 18) have had two jabs. In the UK 81% of those over 16 ( and I suggest, therefore, an even higher percentage, of those over 18) have had two jabs.  So the facts are clear. Free, post Brexit, Britain is winning the race. The EU lags both Britain and America although it is clearly winning the race against Swaziland, Upper Volta and Mongolia, not to mention Taliban run Afghanistan. But that is not what the BBC yakked on about, for its guests who clear all suffered from extreme Brexit Derangement Syndrome, this was another chance to expose the folly of Brexit.

The Guardian story is fake news in not challenging the EU’s absurd claim to be winningagainst whom?) but at least I am nor forced to pay for the rag. But I am forced to pay for the BBC and for Broadcasting House whose fake news spin is just shameful.


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