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If your 7 year old shits in his nappy the BBC reckons the Tories are to blame

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 24 October 2021

The BBC decided to send one of its reporters, Branwen Jeffreys, to some grim Northern town where folks were poor so that they could take the piss out of the “levelling up” programme which is one of Boris Johnson’s little joke policies.  Firstly the state broadcaster showed the traditional scenes one associates with grim post industrial Northern towns such as this one, Ashington in Northumbria. And then complained that the Government was not spending enough on infrastructure to change that.

That is because both today’s wretched faux Tories and the BBC are happy to ignore the lessons of history and believe that the State creates real jobs and wealth by stealing more in taxes from successful businesses and individuals to spend, inefficiently, on good works. So the BBC’s only critique of the socialism that masquerades as conservatism in 2021 Britain was that not enough cash was being spent and not quickly enough.

Then the BBC went for the killer point, insisting that the way to level up was through better education of the young folks. Aha, I see, the wealth of such towns in the nineteenth century came from all the kids staying in school to do pointless A Levels in gender studies where everybody got an A*. It was nothing to do with the evil capitalists who used their cash to drive the industrial revolution to open the great Ashington mine and all the spin-off industries that came with it, creating thousands of jobs which were far better paying than pre-revolution work and which helped to increase life expectancy.  Okay I am dealing with facts but over at the BBC, it is whatever you say Branwen.

The programme featured a head teacher, Clare Marriott, saying that lockdown and the lack of physical schooling had hit her kids more than those in posh schools in affluent areas and as evidence of this she said that she now had 6 and 7 year olds coming to school still wearing nappies and pull-ups. The BBC failed to challenge this.  But you and I might say that with more parents on welfare or lockdown during the scamdemic there is even greater reason why no seven-year olds should not be potty trained.

Since when  did the liberal elites, who are responsible for all BBC content but also drive the direction of education here in Airstrip One, decide that it was not the job of patents to potty train kids but need it to happen in school. I would have been utterly ashamed if Joshua had not been fully potty trained when he started school and it was myself and the Mrs. who ensured that he was. Thus aged five he asks his teacher, in either English or Welsh, if he can go to the loo by himself. 

Surely the BBC should have challenged this head teacher on the issue of parental responsibility? Of course not. The state must take more of our cash in taxes to do more jobs it really should not be doing. This is 2021. And this a state of affairs that a supposedly Conservative, Government seems happy to accept.

The BBC write up of Branwen’s video report is HERE

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