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England 20 Latvia nil - more meaningless records here in Airstrip One

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 1 December 2021

Shots 63 to England nil to Latvia. Shots on target 30 nil to England. Fastest England hat-trick in history. A new record goal scorer for England. Yes it is women’s football and the fact that England gets to play opponents who would struggle in a game at the weekend on Hackney Marshes shows why all these records and cricket scores are utterly meaningless. But you will not be hearing that in from the deadwood press. So who pays to watch this mockery of competitive international sport?

The attendance last night was 10,402 for a full international in a World Cup qualifier. To put that in perspective the attendance for a game played at the same time in the league below the 4 divisions of the football league, here in Wrexham, as Yeovil managed a deserved 2 nil win, was 8,057 – with 103 of those away supporters.

Wrexham men’s side would almost certainly beat the Lionesses. It would certainly be a far more equal, a far more sporting, contest than the international game so few opted to watch last night. As I noted to at the weekend I shall go and cheer on Northern Ireland’s women at the Euros with my daughter whose sporting career I have done so much to support, driving thousands and thousands of miles over the years. She is smart and honest enough to share my critique of the pretence that Lionesses records really matter. The mainstream media just lap it up and dare not ask the questions that expose this circus. 

The records set in this era will never be beaten. In the past England women played fewer qualifying games for tournaments against rank amateurs and were themselves not entirely pro. In the future either cups will be re-organised to stop this humiliating seal clubbing of a non sport until teams like Latvia are also professional. Either way there is only a short window for 20 nil drubbngs which allow such meaningless records to be set.

Most people know that this is a farce and the records are meaningles but the mainstream media and the Lionesses pretend otherwise and insist on ramming this nonsense down the throats of a population, most of whom dare not object lest they be branded sexist bigots.

This is 1984 here in Airstrip One. You parrot the line from the Ministry of Truth even though you know that it is a lie and you are among the blessed. Challenge that lie and you are disgraced as a bigot. 

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