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All hail Lia Thomas! She is a record breaker, Roy Castle would be proud of her...

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 6 December 2021

Gosh she is amazing. In a recent competition this 22 year old swimmer from the University of Pennsylvania managed a time of 4 minutes and 35 seconds putting her 12 seconds ahead of the next competitor and racking up the third fastest time in US college history. And until recently Lia was a nobody swimming in her college second team. Just how incredible is that? And Lia managed this without any performance enhancing drugs. Amazing.

I am sure you have guessed why Lia is able to dominate in this way even without checking out her mugshot below. You got it. Until just over a year ago Lia was Will, a strapping hunk of a bloke. Now after a year of taking hormone therapy she can be the only bird in the changing rooms with a penis and wallop, in any contest, women who were born women and who have trained over many years to be the best.

This is not a one off.  State by state in the US trans campaigners are gaining the rights to compete as women and are thus, at an ever-increasing pace, destroying women’s sports. The Rugby authorities, to their credit, commissioned a study which showed that even with hormone therapy women with penises were much stronger and faster, ceteris paribus, than those without and thus were likely to seriously hurt opposing players and so Rugby will not allow women with penises to play against those without.

But in non-contact sports the game is up. If my one year old daughter decides she wants to be a champion runner, swimmer or skier I will tell her not to waste her time because sooner or later she will come up against a very ordinary male athlete who decides that he is identifying as a woman and then gets to win all the medals.  

Disgracefully, women have had to campaign over many decades to be viewed in the same way as men and to have their contests and achievements lauded in the same way. But now, because women without penises rank far lower than those with a todger on the pyramid of victimhood all that is set to be lost.  Even twenty years ago, if I predicted this I would have been called a lunatic. Now if I write that this is mad and wrong, I’d lose my tenure or be no platformed at institutions such as Sussex University and most of Britain’s other Marxist madrassas.  Even trying to debate this matter is not allowed in what are termed “progressive” establishments.

It is what, these days, we call progress.

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