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239 days ago

Fancy a last minute Greek getaway – three weeks in August and September left

The Mrs and I have worked hard this summer on upgrading the our luxury Greek mountain retreat with pool but a late cancellation means that it is still free to rent for three weeks between now and the end of the swimming pool season. Full pictures and booking via AirBnB can be found HERE but as a reader of this website if you want to book contact me direct and we can cut out the middleman.


346 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel- the amazing flowers of a Greek spring

I lay in bed this morning with the cocks having crowed and with the birds tweeting away, but with my family all snoring happily, thinking of how I would tell you about the warming sun of a Greek Spring. Opening the doors to head upstairs for that first pot of coffee and some writing while the family snoozes on,my feet found the tiles outside the door still wet from overnight rain. And above the mountains looming above us, dark clouds assembled. But they will go and by the time we hit a stone covered beach at Kitries later this morning, the sun will be blazing down upon us.


371 days ago

Photo Article: Lia Thomas wins another swimfest and what her fellow women swimmers feel about her cheating

Lia Thomas is the“woman” swimmer who was a man until two years ago and so naturally is winning all sorts of college competitions. The real women who she beats do not dare speak out about this farce as that would be deemed transphobic and thus risk them being cancelled and shunned. But the photo below from the winners podium shows what they really think. As ever, George Orwell foresaw this sort of nonsense in 1984:


477 days ago

All hail Lia Thomas! She is a record breaker, Roy Castle would be proud of her...

Gosh she is amazing. In a recent competition this 22 year old swimmer from the University of Pennsylvania managed a time of 4 minutes and 35 seconds putting her 12 seconds ahead of the next competitor and racking up the third fastest time in US college history. And until recently Lia was a nobody swimming in her college second team. Just how incredible is that? And Lia managed this without any performance enhancing drugs. Amazing.