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Just ten people in hospital with Omicron Covid, but how many were admitted with it?

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 13 December 2021

As this wretched Government in England and the even more wretched one in Wales implement more and more draconian and ludicrous policies it emerges today that there are just 10 folks across the UK in hospital with the Omicron variant, yes that is the new strain of Covid that we are told will overwhelm the NHS. Yes, that NHS  – envy of the fecking world,let’s all bang pots in the street- where only 4% of beds are currently filled with Covid patients. But, of course, what we are not told is how many of the ten were admitted with Omicron or were there for some other reason and were subsequently diagnosed with Omicron.  This is madness – consider what the NSPCC says today about lockdown, something Michael Gove and most of the political and media classes are pushing for.

The NSPCC says that during lockdown there were more than 220 children killed thanks to abuse or neglect There were 191 serious incidents related to babies under 1 year old.  Had kids been at school, society opened up so that babies saw GPs face to face and were even walked in the park for all to see, this suffering would have been greatly reduced.

The NHS now has a record 6 million waiting list and today the pathetic PM Boris Johnson says its staff will be taken away from other duties to increase the rate at which booster jabs (designed before this variant emerged)  can be given. So more missed cancer tests for what? Yesterday there were 1,239 cases of Omicron detected in the UK and the rate of increase is slowing yet the spineless health secretary Sajid Javid caves to his “experts” and insists that there will be a million cases a day by New Year’s day.

Of course, there will not be and Boris and Sajid will say that is because of the masks folks wore in stores, the Christmas parties cancelled, the booster drive. It is laughable but sad.

I’ve today taken a covid test in a country where three folks have tested positive for Omicron (Greece) so I can go back to Airstrip One where the Government says it is rampant. Just what sort of effect will my testing in Greece , twice in Wales and having to self isolate for te days in Wales actually have? None at all. Just like there are zero deaths of Omicron so far in the UK. Just as the death rate in South Africa ( ground zero) for Omicron is falling.

This is madness writ large. It is insane.  Britain will be the laughing stock of the world. The US and EU have already stated that Omicron is a mild threat, the virus is less harmful then Delta covid. Only Britain goes it alone with such a monstrous over-reaction which will see more children murdered, more suicides, more bankrupticies with the entire media and political class united in this folly.

I despair.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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