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Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - the 39 steps

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 22 January 2022

By next week I shall have the finished product to show you but for the past two weeks, we have been making the steps that will lead one to the huge grass lawn ending with a Ha Ha we have built here in Wales.

First up were brick steps leading down from the main door to the barns.Then the large steps up to the lawn. When all is complete all you will see are stepa made from sandstone blocks which had been buried in waste heaps by the previous owner, joined togther with lime mortar. From the far side of the lawn the steps will be invisible as they will be just below lawn level. But from the barns they should provide a pretty stunning approach to the lawn.

As you can see, the lawn still has a couple of puddles where it was not created exactly flat. When the steps are done we will drain them and fill in additional earth so the whole surface is flat and can be seeded again. And we will level off the near bank and the area around it ahead of more seeding to create a green lawn reaching right around the barns.

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