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The Athletics of disgraceful money wasting Wrexham Tory MP Sarah Atherton

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 18 May 2022

She is not for the avoidance of doubt, the 4th Tory MP in as many weeks finding themselves in a sex scandal.  I am not allowed to say who the latest one, an alleged rapist, is but five minutes digging on the internet will let you know who it is.  Sarah Atherton’s shaming is all to do with football.

As you may have noticed Wrexham AFC is on a roll thanks to the largesse of its new Hollywood owners. On Wembley the team plays at Wembley in the FA Trophy Final.  Then it is two playoff matches away from promotion back to the Football League. What is it with Tory MP’s and an affected love for “the people’s game?” Sure: we are screwing you with tax rises and fuel hikes Mr Pleb but as we like association football just like you common people you know we are very similar?  I think that is how it goes.

And so, to Ms Atherton who was born and brought up in the home of Wrexham’s bitter old rivals Chester, over the border in England. None the less she has made a spectacle of herself in this season of glory, pictured in a Wrexham shirt and even attending a game or two.  When the crowd sings Yma O’Hyd, the “here” she thinks about is probably Chester but she’s not letting on.

Natch she is going to be in the big match at Wembley and boasted as much in the House of Commons yesterday saying she’d be there, rooting for Wrexham Athletic Football Club.

It is, of course, Wrexham Association Football Club. She cannot even get the name right of the team she now claims to have been rooting for since the days of Mickey Thomas.  In the town today this gaffe has been widely derided.

But the real scandal is the money wasted by this grandstanding. Who in Parliament gives a damn about Wrexham AFC, whatever it is called? Nobody. And nobody will. Her comments were made in a special short session she instigated to talk about Wrexham’s bid to be the UK City of culture. As soon as the debate started the chamber emptied.

Nobody listened, nobody cared and it will have had no effect. A pointless monologue just racks up more bills for the taxpayer and if Wrexham wins will allow this silly woman – who I again apologise for voting for – to claim credit. Had she not goofed athletically, nobody at all would have noticed that she had spoken.

What an embarrassing, taxpayer funded, total waste of space.

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