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Tom Winnifrith: New shorts, old shorts, no recordings no holds barred in just 8 days

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 2 September 2022

It is 8 days to Sharestock when 70-80 folks will spend the day in a tent on a raised garden on the banks of the River Dee, eight m,iles from Chester but in Wales! There will be free drinks all day and up to four meals of locally produced food. There is salmonand pike fishing, prize croquet but this day is for those who want to make more money from shares. It will be fun and entertaining with no speaker, least of all me, pulling their punches.

If you want to book a ticket please do so NOW. We will stop taking bookings a few days before the event and you can book your seat or seats HERE

It will not just be about shares to short. Peter Hambro will talk about gold and how to play it. Chris Bailey will talk about making money from long only value investing in a bear market and 3 CEOs will face a 15 minute grilling from me, including Optibiotix boss Steve O’Hara and Cathal Friel of Open Orphan. But the short sellers presenting are legends.

There is Gabriel Grego of Globo and Akazoo fame, Lucian Miers, perhaps the UK’s best known bear and Boatman Capital the scourge of Babcock and Argo Blockchain. And myself, looking to discuss a new £800 million fraud expose and much more. Peter Brailey who famously predicted negative oil prices has another big call on the oil price and on 5 oil shares to short as a result.

I do not want any speaker holding back. So, there will be no videos and no recordings allowed. All speakers will speak freely. The fraud I am exposing is run by two criminals and I will name them and call them out as crooks. I expect every speaker to be as bold.

Some of the companies covered will be names you know. In his session, Lucian will be explaining why Victoria (market cap £452 million) is a zero. Boatman Capital and I will discuss why Argo Blockchain’s shares have cratered since he first issued a damning report but why, the current £226 million market cap is likely to collapse. So old names but new material, new reasons to go short.

But there will be new names too and with no recordings you need to be there to find out what is going on. You can buy your seats for September 10 HERE

Sharestock is about the serious businesses of exposing fraud and making money from shares.  But it should also be fun. It will not be held in a stuffy conference centre but in tents on a raised lawn overlooking the river Dee at my farm in Wales but just 8 miles from Chester.

There is home and village produced food for breakfast, lunch, tea and – if you want – supper. There is a bar opening at 9 AM and closing 12 hours later. If you want to bring a rod you can fish for salmon or pike along 900 yards of river. There is a prize croquet contest. And above all there is the chance to not only hear the speakers on stage, but to chat to them informally in the drinks tent all day long and long into the night, .

To enjoy the sun for which Wales is famed, here on my farm just 8 miles from Chester station, book your seats HERE

The entertainment starts at 9 AM with a croissant breakfast with jam I have now made and, if you want, bucks fizz or fizz with home-made lavender cordial.

Lunch is village produced pizza and home-grown salad and there is an end of day supper option for folks not rushing to leave after the final talk.

At this stage I do not know whether I will have to ensure that there are 70 or 100 chairs set out on the day but Sharestock is small and relaxed so you really can chat at length to any or all of the speakers.


We are not kidding about the salmon If you want to bring your rod, a 900-yard stretch of the river is yours all day and into the evening or – if you are making a weekend of it – into the next day as well.

The date is September 10 just 8 days away.

This is a unique chance, not only to hear successful short sellers and fraud exposers and a legend from the world of gold, but to mingle with them all day, perhaps over a pizza, fizz, or homemade lavender cordial or maybe, if I get around to making it, some home produced nettle beer. Oh, and you will also get to see me eat my hat. Literally.

If you’d like to attend the Sharestock festival, tickets can be purchased for £99 – or £160 for two – HERE.

I hope to see you at my home in Wales in a weeks time.


Tom Winnifrith

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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