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Here are some temperatures the BBC is not reporting on: can you think why?

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 24 January 2023

Oddly the BBC’s climate change correspondents are not reporting on temperatures in Siberia this week. You may remember their pitiful attempts, aftering being flown in on a private plane, to show you how global warming is melting the tundra a couple of years ago. But following on from its fake news on the death of European skiing thanks to global warmingg, oddly the BBC has not been back to Siberia.

In the past few days, temperatures have plunged to MINUS 80 degrees. Chuck in the windchill and it is closer to MINUS 100 degrees. It is so cold that tires on vehicles are bursting.  And it is the lowest measured January temperature in the vast region since 1982. So much global for global warming and I reckon that tundra is pretty safe don’t you?

It is not just Siberia where the BBC’s climate change correspondents are not reporting. In Afghanistan it is the coldest winter for decades with the temperature hitting minus 33 degrees in Ghor province within the past few days. 78 folks have died from the cold.

More poor people dying from record recorded cold as we fight global warming, the doom Goblin Greta Thunberg is a multi millionaire as is Al Gore thanks to the cultists. But those are all inconvenient truths that the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media GroupThink do not report on. After all the dead folks are poor or Russian so why should they care back in Islington?

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