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Piers Morgan taken apart on his own TV show by Gun Rights activist

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 8 January 2013

The gun rights activist might seem like a bit of a paranoid loon (okay he is a loon) but a) he is one of the folks organising the deport Piers petition and b) his debate is against a man who is not exactly a towering intellect, viz Piers Moron.

The loon just takes Moron apart, before at the end exposing himself as a prixe loon. It is a shame that the ratings for the show make the Jimmy Savile fan club look like a mass membership organisation and that the destruction of the great phone hacker was therefore watched by so few. Join them. It is a delight.

Final scores: Loon 1 (og Moron): Phone Hacker 0.

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