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Will the BBC’s Verify Unit investigate & expose the monster lie and blood libel of Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 22 October 2023

The BBC’s Verify Unit has not had a good week. Well it never really does. It is an Orwellian Unit fronted up by someone who faked her own CV designed to sniff out fake news. Well here is an easy one for Marianna Spring and her team.

Last week the BBC reported on a number of occasions that it was the wicked Israelis who had bombed the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza and that 500 folks had been killed.  As we all ow know it was in fact Islamic Jihad who killed a fraction of that with a misfiring missile.

The reports on the BBC, Sky and elsewhere prompted yet more attacks on Jews around the world.

On Friday’s Newsnight, Kirsty Wark stated that the BBC never stated that Israel bombed the hospital. Well that is just a plain lie. Reporter Jon Donnison stated clearly that there was no other plausible explanation as you can see below. The tweet below is explicit.

When do you think Marianna Spring will call out Kirsty for the liar she is?

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