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Photo Article: The annual Christmas Tree victim arrives and is planted at the Welsh Hovel

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 26 November 2023

Maybe what grabs you are the windows either side of the tree. If you look closely you will see that the ones on the right are bricked up and painted. These are an unusual sort of “wndow tax window”. Because this part of the house was the side folks saw as they took their milk down to the river to be shipped to Chester, this was the part “dolled up.” I could not unbrick the windows if I wanted as they are one of the reasosn that the hovel is listed. But I rather like them. In between the windows is a Christmas treat I picked up today. It is the annual “victim.”

I so want to be green like bloody Eleanor Farr, the innumerate local celeb. And so each year I plant a tree, take it inside for Christmas and then plant him back outside after 12th night. One year the tree did survive until the next Christmas. But it then went the way of the others, turned brown, and was part of bonfire night, meaning that a replacement had to be bought.  Last year’s victim lasted only one Christmas. It is fingers crossed that this year’s victim fares rather better.  

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