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The Ceasefire ends in Gaza and the Orwellian BBC disgraces itself yet again

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 1 December 2023

As ever, the Mrs. puts on Radio 4 over breakfast to push my blood pressure up. I suspect it is all part of a cunning plan to make her a wealthy young widow. “Just a little bit more woman’s hour, that should bring on the coronary,” I can almost hear her saying it to herself.

Actually Woman’s Hour did have me shouting with rage yesterday as it discussed divorce settlements. The host and a guest were outraged that now that some women earn more than their husbands there were being settlements arranged which saw the man benefit. They looked back to the good old days which saw the woman always win. Having created two ex-wife millionaires  (one of whom earns far more than  I ever have) thanks to bonkers and patently unjust  settlements, I was screaming with anger and that BBC feminazi sense of righteous entitlement.

But that was nothing compared to my screams as the BBC announced this morning that the ceasefire in Gaza had broken down and that Israel was attacking the strip again. Cue howls of outrage from NGOs, Jeremy Corbyn, the BBC’s reporters on the ground all displaying uncontrolled anger at the evil Jews.

Why did the ceasefire end?  Overnight there were negotiations to at least extend it by another day but Hamas refused to release any more women and child hostages although there are many such folks still missing and Egypt and Qatar tried their best. I fear that we will find that the reason Hamas is refusing is that it has killed those hostages already but pray that my fears are unwarranted. Then Hamas claimed responsibility for a shooting of three Israeli civilians at a bus stop in Jerusalem. Roadside devices were exploded in Gaza in areas behind the ceasefire lines injuring more Israelis and finally Hamas launched rocket attacks on Israel (again targeting Jews in general, not military targets).

So whose fault is the end of the ceasefire? Objectively it is entirely the fault of Hamas. But for the BBC it is has just broken down and the evil Jews are engaged in hostile military action with civilian casualties reported as fact by the BBC though the source is, of course, Hamas which has been shown time and again to have lied on such matters. It is as if the Israelis wanted and caused the ceasefire to end which is a complete distortion of what actually happened.

Remind me again why I am forced to fund the wretched BBC which has transitioned from a National Treasure to a National Embarrassment.

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