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Supreme Court votes 9 nil that Dems keeping Trump off the ballot is illegal, they are trying to cheat and steal the election

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 4 March 2024

If, or should that be when, President Putin stops an opponent being on the ballot the world rightly cries foul.  The Iranians try the same trick and we are united in condemning this bastardisation of democracy. But in the USA Democrats are prepared to cheat to steal the biggest election of all. Who says so? The  Supreme Court said just that today.

Democrat law makers and judges in Colorado and Maine have tried to take Trump off State ballots ahead of this Autumn’s election arguing that the events of January 6 ( when Trump called on folks at the Capitol to act peacefully) mean that he is guilty of insurrection and thus under the 14th Amendment, designed to deal with Civil War leaders, he should not be allowed to run for office.  The Supreme Court has rightly said this is ludicrous.

Now, I can imagine that the BBC and the Guardian will tell you that this is a conservative court. It is. Six of the nine justices were appointed as vacancies fell due with a Republican in office. So, there is a six three conservative liberal split.  But if the crackpots in Maine or Colorado and other crackpots in other states wanting to follow this lead, had had any sort of case, the three liberal judges would have penned a dissenting opinion. That is what happens in the Supreme Court.

But there was no dissenting opinion. All nine Justices sought to protect democracy by throwing out the Colorado case.

Leading Democrats and their gophers in the liberal media  repeatedly claim that a second Trump Presidency is a threat to democracy, that he will try to stay in power forever, yadda, yadda, yadda. They have no proof of these claims, but this supposed threat, like the Russian threat crooked Hillary Clinton concocted, is used as the justification for trying to trump democracy with legal cases and measures.

I have repeatedly warned my liberal friends in America that this will be counter productive in that it will push Independent voters towards Trump. Independents want the Presidency decided in the voting booths not in the Courts or by Democrat lawmakers changing the rules.

But my liberal friends and the Democrat Party knew better and now the reap the grim results. With Trump now within 8 days of potentially sealing the GOP nomination, nationwide polls continue to show the Donald between 2 and 4 points ahead of Biden. But it is not the nationwide polls that matter it is those in the swing states.

In 2020 Biden beat Trump by 0.3% in Arizona. The latest Arizona poll out last Thursday showed Trump 6% ahead. In Georgia creepy Joe won by 0.23%in 2020, last Thursday’s polls showed Trump 6% ahead. Michigan has gone from Biden 2.82% ahead to Trump 2% up, North Carolina has gone from Trump 1.34% ahead to Trump 9% ahead, Nevada has gone from 2.39% Biden to 6% Trump. In Pennsylvania Biden won by 1.17% in 2020 but trails Trump by 6% in last week’s poll.  The story is the same across all the swing states and if the election was held tomorrow Trump would win and win, as he might say, “bigly.”

Of course, things can change but, as I noted in my most recent podcast, the things that may change are far more likely to break for trump than Biden.  The wild card is whether the Dems will force Biden to stand aside and which of the many dwarfs suggested might replace him. But if the Dems keep trying to beat Trump in the Courts rather than the voting booths his lead will only grow.



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