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The wrong Tom Winnifrith: my late father would have been horrified

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 14 March 2024

I have a facebook account which I very rarely use. I post links to my articles on it and now and again visit it it to check whether I am the subject of a two minute hate here in the last village in Wales. Following revelations that the Welsh Government imposed draconian lockdown rules on us for purely political rather than scientific reasons I am waiting for some of the face nappy fascists here to apologise but suspect they will not. Anyhow I was on facebook the other day and was contacted out of the blue by a chap living in Greece. My late father would have been horrified.

The chap writes:

Hello Mr Tom I am albanian origin man that has been living in greece since 7 years old 20 years I came to conclusion before I finish the army and as well reading alot of books and articles of historians that today the albanian state and language is influenced by the aromanians and vlach language I was surprised cause I live in uk london to see the similar face of Romanians and the same surname that have with there lost brothers vlachs in albania

I came to conclusion that the people of albania they have nothing to do by dna or linguisticly with ilirians the majority have latin vlach surnames and almost same words with romanian language I belive is not false when they found albanian dna was made 50% at least by daco-thracian genes where bulgarian and romanian and thrace of greece come from albania is a made fake state and language

As well the toponimia in albania, is massive influenced by the vlachs  they don’t have ilirian names very few of citys or villages hold ilirian background as well today the Greek state was made by vlachs and other tribes but greek language was not influenced by vlachs like they did with albanian and vlachs have been spread all around greece I believe most of arvanites have vlach origin as well and toponimia in greece Macedonia and ipiros and thesalia have big vlach influence


I explained that the great Vlach expert was my late father. I can count to ten in Vlach and can say “she has a big nose,” a useful phrase when meeting the mother of my eldest daughter Olaf as… well… she has a big nose. And I know something of vlach history but I am no great expert.

My dad would have been horrified. He referred to the internet as “Beelzebub” and was going to be the last man on earth to have a facebook page. Imagine Dr TJ Winnifrith on facebook…I struggle to think of something less likely ever to happen.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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