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Really torn on how to vote today here in Wrexham

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 2 May 2024

The only poll is for the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner. I have no idea who the (Labour) incumbent is but I know that the Police are beyond useless. When a man hired by an investor in a fraud I was exposing threatened to get me, said he was an ex Israeli army soldier and was just a couple of miles away, the Police refused to act to protect me and my family. When Julie Meyer, wanted by the High Court with an arrest warrant, said my articles exposing her crimes were harassment, the Filth came to interview me. But if I do 23 MPH I know I will be clocked and punished. So, to say that I hold North Wales Police in utter contempt would be an understatement.

The only party to send a leaflet was the Tory Party, a 4 side Newspaper half in English and half in Welsh labelled “Wrexham Future” in a bright red banner at the top. Rightly they seem ashamed to be Tories. The central thesis was a lie based on willfully bad data interpretation. Get a Tory PCC and you are less likely to be raped, burgled or murdered. Really?

The areas with the highest crime rates are the big Cities which always vote Labour. Here in the boonies we used to vote Tory and crime is lower. But to say that it is having a Labour PCC that causes higher crime is just daft. Crime was always higher in the cities before we started spaffing cash on PCCs.

I cannot vote for the Tories so utterly corrupt and incompetent is the party at a national level and dishonest at a local level. Labour is just as bad. Apparently, according to rising star Wes Streeting who has only recently accepted that a women cannot have a penis, if you do not vote for the useless Sadiq Khan in London today you are a racist and an Islamophobe.

 What to do given that this election seems to be of monumental unimportance? I am torn.

Part of me wants to go into the booth and write “WANKERS” across the ballot paper as that is really how I view all four parties and their candidates. I despise the lot. But that is not getting into the democratic spirit is it?

And, thus, my other idea is that I should vote after picking Joshua up from school, take him into the booth with me and, given that he is an ardent Welsh Nationalist, allow him to place a cross for me in the box of Plaid Cymru, the Party of Wales. It would introduce him to democracy and make him happy to be doing his bit for Wales and I really do not care about the result.

So angry am I with how the Tory party has betrayed almost everything about being a Tory since 2019 that I want to vote against it. Awful results might spark another leadership contest which would be entertaining. I do realise that, as explained here, Plaid are as mad as a nest of snakes. But if Wales is ever to wean itself of the dependency culture, the economics model advocated by and practiced by Charlotte Church, it needs its independence. So, I think, on balance, that Joshua will get to vote for the first time today on my behalf.

PS. I took both kids in to teach them about democracy. I quoted Mill on the matter about what a poor choice one had and explained the quote to the three ladies sitting there all day as almost nobody went in to vote. There was no curtain so I had to put the cross in the box myself but did so only after Joshua looked at the paper and indicated his support for “the Party of Wales.” It will make no difference what we did, I hope that is not the lesson Joshua takes from this exercise.

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