Hello Pete Finch and my visits to gay bathhouses

Tom Winnifrith Wednesday 30 January 2013


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Pete Finch is a Bulletin Board Moron who does not like me. He has posted a couple of comments on an article I did the other day. Sometimes he logs on as [email protected] and sometimes as [email protected] but he is a consistent fellow. His latest post is:

More shit tips of Tom Winnifrith, will be avoiding all these like the plague. Tom, clearly your incessant frequenting of Gay bathhouses has impacted your mental health

One could criticise the poor grammar, the fact that my tipping record is on a career basis excellent, the other – rather more obvious – factual error relating to where I spend my leisure hours or perhaps I should just stick to Pete, Jamie or whatever he is called tomorrow’s latent homophobia.

As it happens I have never been to a gay bathhouse in my life although I did once wander into a gay bar after West Ham’s FA Cup final defeat at the hands of Liverpool as it was the only place to get a pint ( of beer). But homosexuality does not equate to having mental health issues.

Pete, Jamie, whatever: you are a sad man. Do your friends, family and colleagues know that you spend the working day posting such material?

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