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Resource expert Sam Bottell's 7 Top UK Oil Picks Revealed

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 17 February 2013

Ok, cut out the emails and stop pestering me. This report went out on on Friday and it seems that stacks of punters could not be bothered to register (it costs nothing) and have now decided to plague me to send it to them. Okay, just to give my email in-box a break, here you all are. But this is the last time I shall be republishing a tip or special report. If you want to make sure you get the next special report 8 explosive small cap stocks to buy now by ex t1ps senior writer Steve Moore – due out next Thursday) plus a free share tip every working day just go and sign up. It is free and you can do it HERE

Now, as I head off to watch recordings of the last two episides of Dallas ( I just cannot escape oil) here is that report from Sam:

Everyone should have some oil exposure in their portfolio. Long run supply demand patterns are impossible to predict but in the short to medium term there is always the risk of a Black Swan event that disrupts supply and sends the price of oil spiking sharply higher. I suppose that the odds on favourite for a 2013 Black Swan (if that is not a contradiction in terms) is Israel attacking Iran. The second obvious Black Swan event would be civil unrest in a major oil producing state. Might Saudi Arabia, for instance, have its own “Arab Spring?”

If oil spikes higher oil stocks, especially those with production, will – thanks to operational gearing see windfall net income gains and their shares will move sharply higher. But non oil stocks, facing sharply increased fuel bills and so reduced margins will head the other way. And it is for this reason that everyone should have some oil exposure within a balanced portfolio as a hedge.

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