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Friday Caption Contest Lord Ahmed (prize shit & convicted killer) issue

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 15 March 2013

As I noted earlier today Labour peer Lord Ahmed killed a man by crashing his Jag into the man’s stationary car while texting away at 70 miles an hour. Ahmed reckons that service 16 days for this killing was harsh and only happened because he was a victim of the worldwide Jewish conspiracy. Labour has suspended this repellent anti-Semite but this is an easy call. What next. Julius Streicher, ooops I mean Lord Ahmed, made this claim on a video which I am sure Ed has seen. Either Labour believes in one nation or it does not.

And so this week’s caption contest comes with no prize just the chance to insult and abuse the spineless Ed Milliband as he decides whether he wishes to lead a party with at least one principle or to keep Lord Ahmed and those who agree with his vile views on board.  So please leave your entries for the picture below in the comments section.

My entry is:  “We are the party of one nation…except for the evil frigging Jews

Milliband if you wish to prove me wrong you know what to do with the despicable Lord Ahmed.

Last week I asked you for a caption to this picture of the General Belgrano going down the last time the Argies tried it to impose their wishes on a land where 99.8% of the citizens would rather be British.

Now this will shock you but the independent judge was not impressed by the entry from the Evil son of deluded lefties and has awarded the prize to Garydavs for:

Sinking of ARA General Belgrano: the last known UK government target that was hit.

Gary, drop me an email and I will organise in due course for a Piss off Argentina T-shirt (which you can of course buy here) to be sent to you.

Now post away with your entries to this week’s contest.

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