Shocker: The Dirty Tricks Campaign of Sefton Resources exposed

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 25 April 2013


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AIM listed joke oil company Sefton Resources (SER) is suing myself and my fellow journalist Daniel Levi (aka Brokerman Dan) for libel. It will lose and it knows it. But I can now start to reveal the dirty tricks campaign organised by Sefton in a deliberate attempt to smear and discredit myself and Dan. This will shock you.

Sefton had no need to sue me for libel. It could have issued an RNS to refute my specific allegations. It opted not to because it knows that they are 100% true: This Company has on a serial basis mislead investors.  And so it is using vast amounts of shareholders cash pursuing a legal case. It knows it cannot win and that this will be buried in the Courts for ages – it is merely an attempt to silence myself and Dan and to imply that we are telling porkies, to discredit us.

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