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23 days ago

Carole Cadwalladr has always been a fraud, tonight she may be bankrupted but should she now be charged with fraud?

I have covered the career of left wing journalist Carole Cadwalladr on this website for many years, starting with her bogus claims of achieving success despite educational disadvantage, moving on through all the hoax stories which earned her an Orwell prize and then onto her libel case with Brexit bad boy, Arron Banks. Today Cadwalladr faces bankruptcy as she has been ordered to pay 60% of Bankski’s costs plus 100% of her own costs plus some damages as well. If she cannot find more than £2million she should be made bankrupt. Hooray. For Cadwalladr is a dangerous and unpleasant fantasist.


454 days ago

You will never guess who has accused Julian Pike & the Queen's lawyers Farrer & Co of fraud?

Julian Pike brands himself as a specialist in reputation management so surely being accused of fraud, as you can see below, means that he must defend his own reputation by firing off a libel writ at once?


463 days ago

Breaking: The loathsome Neill Ricketts of Versarien settles libel case with BB poster Ian Westbrook – none of his key demands met

Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) will today be boasting of how he has settled his libel claim against Bulletin Board poster Ian Westbrook and that it is a triumph for him. Au contraire! Only now can I reveal what Ricketts really wanted out of this case.


718 days ago

BREAKING: AIM promoter Neill Ricketts presses the button and has lodged court proceedings against BB critic Ian Westbrook

The loathsome boss of Versarien (VRS) Neill Ricketts has made what, the king of the fraudsters, my pal Sam Antar would call out as a cardinal error for a stock promoter. He has not only threatened Bulletin board critic Ian Westbrook (Club Sandwich) with a libel case, he has now lodged formal proceedings. So why is Claim Number QB-2021-002159 such a blundering mistake by the AIM boss?


752 days ago

BREAKING: Now loathsome Neill Ricketts the boss of joke company Versarien threatens another private investor critic

Oh dear, the crashing share price of Versarien (VRS) seems to be getting to its loathsome boss Neill Ricketts. He has already threatened one Bulletin Board critic with a libel action, sending the fascist lawyers letter you can see HERE. Now on twitter he appears to be threatening another as you can see below. So Neill is this just bullying by a failing CEO or will you give us all the fun of a full disclosure process by actually taking legal action? Please let it be the latter, my guess is that even you are not that stupid and it will not be.


778 days ago

BREAKING: Why Neill Ricketts is such a prick or so badly advised by 9th rate lawyers in trying to gag a Bulletin Board critic – case precedent

Yesterday I published the fascist lawyer’s letter sent by 10th tier law firm Hugh Paddison of Cheltenham and explained why on matters of libel it makes no case at all – this is merely an attempt to bully a Bulletin Board poster into silence. But it gets worse for loathsome and disgraced AIM boss Neill Ricketts.


865 days ago

Will Hutton & Hertford College vs The Information Commissioner re the fantasist Carole Cadwalladr

The BBC and the mainstream media are not reporting it but today the Information Commissioner gave testimony to the House of Commons DCMS Select Committee which demonstrates the true degradation of British Journalism. This reminds me of a talk last Autumn at, my alma mater, Hertford College Oxford.


873 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: 2 rotten calls by me, the defence and how about Dave Sefton sues ME for libel?

Today’s podcast is late for reasons I explain. Sorry. In it I discuss Xtract Resources (XTR), Asiamet (ARS), Iconic (ICON) and Remote Monitored Systems (RMS).


961 days ago

“Professional journalist” Ramsha Khan threatens to sue this Israel supporter for libel, showing how truly worthless is her degree and then....

Last month, Ramsha Khan tweeted that having graduated from City University’s journalism course she was “now a professional journalist”. That prompted me to write an article saying how after 30 years of writing for a living, getting lawyers’ letters, death threats, buckets of online trolling and harassment etc, I guess with no degree I was not by this definition a “professional journalist”. Nor was my late uncle Christopher Booker. His Cambridge degree was in history, mine something worthless from Oxford. Neither of us was taught how to be a journalist in a degree course. It seems Ramsha is upset and has sent a threatening email this morning which, naturally, I publish in full below:



994 days ago

A quick Geography lesson for the crook who runs [email protected] Capital – Wales is not offshore!

Alessandro Zamboni’s mad followers are desperate for him and his worthless company, [email protected] Capital (SYME) to sue me for libel. I want him to sue me to as the disclosure process would be a hoot. I really want to say “see you in Court Bitchez” but very wisely, especially after Wednesday’s slam dunk market abuse – Zamboni says he is not going to sue. And his excuse?


1134 days ago

FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition 29 with Tom Winnifrith - my Bidstack smearer will be getting letters regarding a legal claim for damages from 8 Parties

I have no guests in this week’s show which is sponsored by Open Orphan PLC (ORPH) where things look increasinly promising. Check out its new corporate presentation HERE. I start with events at Bidstack (BIDS) detailed in free to read articles HERE and HERE where one gender fluid shareholder will, I can reveal in this podcast, shortly be served by eight parties he defamed. That is 8 seperate libel cases he must fight. It should be ruinous. But why is Bidstack lying? I discuss. Then it is onto why shares in general are racing higher. Is that justified? I discuss the forthcoming Shareprophets Shares show on May 9 with its quite amazing speaker line-up. Book your ticket for 70 hours of amazing video content for just £9.99 HERE.  Then I look at why Versarien (VRS) also tried to bamboozle investors over the nature of its dealings with Rolls Royce (RR). If you like this podcast and can’t wait seven days for more of the same and are tired of being a cheapskate you should listen to my Bearcast and enjoy our cracking writen exposes and analysis every day HERE.


1209 days ago

Please will Versarien sue me for libel

I have, for several years, warned that the valuation of Bulletin Board darling Versarien (VRS) was crackers. At one point it reached £200 million. As I write, ahead of the market open, it is still – with the shares at 49p – valued at c£70 million. Given that its core graphene business generated sales of just £27,000 last year and that the cash guzzling PLC is fast running out of cash, I am sure you’d agree the valuation is bonkers.


1244 days ago

New Bulletin Board Moron contest of the week in honour of the ADVFN paedo guy

It seems as if ADVFN is happy for its own house paedo guy to carry on doing his bit in support of Versarien (VRS) by libelling me in so many ways and encouraging folks to attack my wife. And there was I thinking that Clem Chambers had standards and would no platform such scum…. So while Clem continues to allow this creep and others to operate, what is the most moronic post you can find on the ADVFN, iii or LSE Asylums or on twitter? Entries should be posted in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight on Sunday 19th.


1446 days ago

Forget Russian Bots, it is Dad’s Army that is to blame for Brexit – media luvvie Daisy Goodwin goes full Cadwalladr

You may have missed it but Nick Clegg, once a hero of remainiacs like crazy cat woman Carol Cadwalladr yesterday spelled it out loud and clear – Brexit was not caused by Russian meddling and the Cambridge Analytica story is total tosh. Natch the crazy cat lady and her deluded followers dismissed poor Mr Clegg as a merchant of fake news. For them facts are an inconvenient truth, a bit like Carole’s self written life story.


2099 days ago

Hat Off to Roger Lawson - he is bang on the money re Barclays Stockbrokers debacle

Old Lawson may still be pursuing a ridiculous claim against me for libel, he noted this week that he had another meeting with his lawyers, but credit where credit is due, the old fool has nailed the shambles last week at Barclays (BARC) stockbrokers perfectly. And in a posting on the ShareSoc blog he gives advice on what to do if you have been jerked around.  This is an example of the good work he can do when he is not distracted by falling in love with companies such as Globo. Over to Lawson:


2122 days ago

Reader Comment of the day - Drunken Sailor unearths local issues for Bushveld

You may remember that ShareProphets poster Drunken Sailor and I were co-defendants in a libel case a couple of years ago ( which we won). Mr sailor is not a drunk and he is a great sleuth when he wants to be. My pressing concerns about uber ramped Bushveld Minerals (BMN) are its balance sheet, but DS has unearthed another major issue which, for some reason, Bushveld has not covered in an RNS. Perhaps it might do so now? Drunken's post merits a wider audience:


2144 days ago

BREAKING: Now Roger Lawson & his bully boy lawyers bully Audioboom to get Bearcast taken down

Roger Lawson of ShareSoc is determined to use his wealth to stop publication of legitimate comments about his writing and share dealing activities and has thus threatened me, Tom Winnifrith with both a libel case and an injunction for harassment. 


2175 days ago

Tom Winnifrith - the shares that are my 18 holdings: the non dirty dozen and a half

Okay I do not own these shares personally. I case anyone is thinking of going for me in a libel case I own nothing but FIML, owned by my family trusts, has built from scratch a fairly sizeable portfolio of 18 stocks. For what it is worth here they are in descending order of current value.


2286 days ago

Praise the Lord! Very Bad News for Aidan Earley - 2 emails

Aidan Earley, the long term close business partner of Craig Whyte, is suing me for £50,000 for libel because I have, he claims, damaged his good reputation as a businessman and financier. As our research team looks at the 52 UK companies where he has been involved since starting his career in 1988... well that can wait. But before Mr Earley continues with this farce I should like him to consider two emails I have received from Mr Tony Keeling... oh dear, oh dear Aidan.


2292 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: For whom the (front door) bell tolls

The bell in this podcast is not Aidan Earley's libel suit arriving but the workmen returning after lunch. I explain why they are here - blame the Mrs. In terms of stocks I cover Prairie Minerals (PDZ), IGAS (IGAS), Milestone (MSG), Xtract Resources (XTR), Amur (AMC), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), NCC Group (NCC), Northern Petroleum (NOP) and Saffron Energy (SRON), Redcentric (RCN), MXC Capital (MXCP) and a few other matters. Smiley face.


2292 days ago

Aidan Earley sues Tom Winnifrith for £50,000 for libel - he's avin a bubble

Aidan Earley will serve me later today with a libel suit. Very decently - and I mean that - he emailed me an advance copy last night. He has put it up on his website and I link to it below. I draw your attention to page 3 (oooh er missus).


2292 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - with apologies to Bjørge Lillelien

I am sure that after events today at Cloudtag (CTAG) you had a good idea how this podcast would start! I move on - as I await apolgies from hundreds of morons for all the abuse and attacks - to cover Avanti Communications (AVN), ECR Minerals (ECR), Milestone Group (MSG), Redcentric (RCN), Red Leopard (RLH) and SalvaRx (SALV) where it is placing ahoy! Oh yes, Aidan Earley has served  me with a libel suit. Natch I will see the bitchez in Court but I too have a little surprise for Aidan. More on that later. Smiley face.


2318 days ago

Is Peter Reynolds of lawyers Fladgates London's most incompetent lawyer? Or its most expensive clown?

I will later today be replying to the oaf who has hired Peter Reynolds of top City lawyers Fladgate to send me a pompous and fascistic letter. I note that Peter appears to have no expertise in libel and it shows. This is going to be a pushover. But before we come to that I flag up that this clown is incompetent and share a couple of emails I have sent him accordingly. I start with the fact that the letter is marked for the wrong person, Mr Winnifred:


2361 days ago

New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week sponsored by Aidan Earley of Worthington infamy

As Worthington (WRN) heads into administration, Craig Whyte's long term business partner Aidan Earley is trying to blame the media and especially me. He also says that there are questions over an insurance claim and my involvement in a £40 million City fire which is odd as the start of the fire was caught on CCTV and so there are no questions at all. So in honour of the libeller of the week...


2365 days ago

Cloudtag and the "interesting" related party deal on Amit's office space

Amit Ben Haim and Cloudtag appear happy for me to call them liars over the events of last week. They have not sued me for libel so let us assume that it is now a given, accepted by all that they are liars. But then for a company that has committed wholesale securities fraud as has Cloudtag, is telling grotesque lies really such a concern? So what to discuss today? Well how about one of the ways CEO Amit takes cash out of the company. The serviced office trick.


2390 days ago

FRAUD African Potash - now the Nomad Quits: no reason given

Oh dear, oh dear, the problem with frauds is that eventually they run out of other people's money. And when they can't pay the bills, even morally bankrupt crony capitalist AIM advisers, decide that enough is enough and quit. And thus Cantor Fitzgerald has today said it is resigning as Nomad to the fraud African Potash (AFPO) - which is still not suing me for libel despite promising to do so on September 1st if I did not cease calling it a fraud and pay it £2,000. GOTCHA Potash: you are still a fucking FRAUD now where's that libel letter you bastards? I want to see you fraudster bitchez in Court so badly. So what's going on here. One broker summed it up brilliantly today:


2413 days ago

Lord Peter Hain of FRAUD African Potash caption Contest Result

I guess it is now more than 60 days since the fraud that is African Potash (AFPO) and its fascist scum lawyers at Memery Crystal promised to sue me for libel if, inter alia, I did not hand over cash in response to its menacing letter. Still, as I write, no law suit has arrived. Does senior NED Lord Peter Hain think this is the way ethical businesses should behave or is he just a money grabbing greedy bastard? We asked you for suitable captions to a the picture below of Lord Hain swilling at the trough and we had a number of suitable entries as you can see HERE. But the winner is:


2413 days ago

FRAUD African Potash - now 56 days since it promised to sue Tom Winnifrith for libel - new Peter Hain caption contest

It is now 56 days since AIM listed FRAUD African Potash (AFPO) demanded that I write it a blank cheque, pull all my articles on it and never write about it again...or else. The Or else was a promise to sue me for libel but Potash knows that it is a FRAUD and that it would be destroyed by the disclosure process. The senior NED at Potash is sleazey Labour peer Lord Peter Hain. We have another photo of the loathsome toad in action. Please post your captions for our latest Lord Hain sleaze contest photo in the comments section below. The deadline for entries is midnight Friday. Do your worst...


2422 days ago

African Potash you fecking fraudsters where is your libel suit you lying bastards?

On 1st September the fascist and grubby law firm of Memery Crystal threatened me with a libel suit if I did not agree to hand over to it a blank cheque within 24 hours as well as withdrawing all of my articles about its client African Potash (AFPO) and promising to never write again about Potash. Natch I told Memery to feck off just as I did when it tried to extract cash from me with menaces on behalf of both Pirate Pete Landau and the Globo fraudsters. I really want to see the African Potash bitchez in Court as disclosure will be a hoot. But...


2429 days ago

FRAUD African Potash Caption Contest: On yer bike Lord Peter Hain Edition

It is now one month and eleven days since FRAUD African Potash (AFPO) promised it would sue me for libel if I did not pay its fascist lawyers Memery Crystal two grand, write it a blank cheque and withdraw all my articles  which clearly exposed it as a FRAUD. I am 2 nil up with Memery Crystal when it comes to it trying to bully me on behalf of fraudsters (Globo & Pirate Pete Landau)so I am gutted that Potash has not yet served me. What could the FRAUDSTERS have to hide from a disclosure process? Meanwhile the PR firm has, very honourably, quit, the Nomad Stewart Dickson has been fired but still senior NED Lord Peter Hain hangs on (for the cash). So by midnight Friday can you suggest a suitable caption for this picture below of the sleazy peer?


2460 days ago

African Potash suing Tom Winnifrith for libel update

You will remember that the fraudsters at African Potash (AFPO) sent me a fascist letter on Thursday 1st September stating that if by 4 PM on Friday 2nd September I had not agreed to pull all my articles on Potash, promise not to write again and to pay over a large cheque, Potash would "have no choice" but to take legal action. Natch I told the bitchez I'd see them in Court. So what has happened now?


2467 days ago

African Potash, libel and disclosure - let's start with payments made to Beryl

As yet African Potash (AFPO) has not started the process of suing me for libel for pointing out that it committed securities fraud, something it effectively conceded it had done in its fascist lawyers letter/suicide note of last week. One of the joys of the UK libel system is disclosure. That is a process where I can ask the other side to produce certain documents which are relevant to the case. And African Potash knows that disclosure will sink it for good. So let's bring it on and I shall be starting with seeking details of payments made by Potash to Beryl Holdings.


2471 days ago

Grounds for Divorcing the Mrs...she just cannot be serious!

Given that she is due to give birth to our son in nine days time I might just forgive her but the Mrs is pushing her luck.

Among the very few possessions of mine that are allowed in the house as opposed to the garage are a signed and framed Mark Cavendish shirt which, given what team it is from, is actually quite rare and a framed and signed Geoff Hurst 1966


2473 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Lyin' Chris Cleverley of African Potash sue me for libel or resign in disgrace now!

Over the past week I have demonstrated quite clearly that African Potash has engaged in securities fraud as lyin' Chris Cleverley has, on a serial basis, lied and misled investors in order to get away a bailout placing. In this podcast I make it clear: lyin' Chris must sue me for libel or must resign in disgrace. I shall up the ante later as more documents fall into my possession. Elsewhere I look at Strat Aero (AERO), Tlou Energy (TLOU), Avocet Mining (AVM), Cloudtag (CTAG) and in a detailed way at Pressure Technologies (PRES).


2620 days ago

Proof that Pinsent Masons Partner Russell Booker urged Sefton Resources to make fraudulent BB smear postings - leaked email emerges

City law firm Pinsent Masons acted for Sefton Resources (SER) as it attempted to gag myself and Brokerman Dan (Levi) from exposing the fraud at the heart of that company under Jim Ellerton. We stood up to Pinsent Masons bullying and won that libel case. Sefton caved, Ellerton was fired and we had our costs and damages paid by Sefton. Now I have obtained a leaked email which shows how Pinsent Masons partner Russell Booker urged Sefton to make fraudulent internet postings to discredit myself and Dan. Pinsent Masons claims to be an ethical firm. How can it be ethical if it does not fire Booker at once?


2775 days ago

Snake Oil Salesman and charlatan Darren Winters is at it again – the appalling tale of Mr. O

So far Darren Winters has declined to take up my kind “see you in Court Bitchez” offer. The charlatan and his Wealth Management Training LLP threatened me with a libel case but has done nothing which is a shame as the disclosure process would be a scream. But we have funded and taken up the case of Miss L from whom Winters wishes to extract cash. We fight and look forward to that day in Court. Now we are taking up another case – Mr. O. Prepare to be horrified.


2776 days ago

A Drink with Julian Hamilton Barns - I win: now Tim Baldwin of TXO infamy start sweating.

At least I am not drinking with David Lenigas! Mr Hamilton Barns popped over to see me in Bristol. Heck if there is free drink I have a reputation as a drunken blogger to live up to. Bottom line is that I won Round 1 and there will be no Round 2. Mr Hamilton Barns has dropped his threat of a libel case. I win AGAIN! But…


2784 days ago

Monday Odd One Out Contest - David Lenigas edition

This little odd one out contest features my good friend, the fat Aussie share ramper David "I just love the smell of newly issued confetti in the morning" Lenigas. Remembering the laws of libel please post your entries in the comments section below. Deadline midnight tonight.


2807 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 3 October - so which dicksplash sent the lawyers letter?

Actually I shall keep you in suspense on that one - so you can still vote in the TW libel poll HERE - but I do discuss what a lamentable effort this fascist missive is when compared to previous bully boy lawyers letters. Then it is onto Guscio (GUSC), Plastics  Capital (PLA) and the farce that are LTIPs and then onto the failings of capitalism in the US and UK and why we are sleepwalking on soma with no real wealth being created.


2811 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 29 September - a victor crows

It is back to old style bearcast today as I cannot get Audioboom to work. I am sure that it is all my fault. I crow about: winning the living wage debate last night and Volex (VLX). Then it is onto Panmure Gordon (PMR), WH Ireland (WHI) - please sue me for libel bitchez - and Daniel Stewart (DAN). Then I give a good kicking to tosser Dragons Den star Piers Linney and his POS company Outsourcery (OUT)


2815 days ago

Please sue me for libel: Jiasen International is an AIM listed fraud from China – interims today

The Bulletin Board Morons want Jiasen (JSI) to sue me for libel. Well let’s make this easy for the Fujian fraudsters. “Jiasen is a fraud and its criminal directors have produced bogus numbers today – its shares are worth 0p.” There is no ambiguity there. Sue me for libel. What is the Chinese for “See you in Court bitchez?”


2819 days ago

Explosive Pinsent Masons email to Sefton Revealed – Do these bastards have no shame?

This is not going to be a good day for Sefton Resources (SER) or for London’s most despised law firm Pinsent Masons.  My next leaked email is from Pinsent Masons partner Russell Booker and shows how he was at the heart of covering up the fraud at Sefton and wasting its shareholders cash on its doomed libel case against me.


2819 days ago

Tom Milne not fit and proper person, must be SACKED by Sefton Resources NOW – EXPLOSIVE PRIVATE EMAILS revealed

I have obtained the explosive exchange of emails which saw Fox Davies resign as Nomad to Sefton Resources (SER) in 2012. They vindicate me once again in the libel case I won against this POS but show that CURRENT Sefton director Tom Milne is not a fit and proper person to sit on an AIM board and must be SACKED at once.


2842 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 29 August - so bloody angry with ShoreCap and the Directors of Hotel Corp who are liars

At no-one is watching a clock yesterday AIM listed Hotel Corp (HCP) directors published a document seeking to thwart boardroom change at this disaster story and save their grubby tax free pay packets. Sadly for them I have obtained a series of emails which show that the document contained a series of lies. Worse still I have obtained accounts showing how 22% shareholder and ex Nomad to Hotel Corp, Shore Capital has coined it in from this vehicle, making millions, as shareholders have lost everything. The directors and Shore Cap oppose Yeoman and wish to pursue another venture similar to the last one which cost shareholders everything but made Shore millions ( and paid the useless board too much for doing sweet FA). I expose the lot of them and am furious.

This podcast contains bad language as I am livid - this story shows everything which is wrong about crony capitalism in the City and on the AIM Casino. I also accuse Messrs Short and Craine of lying to their investors and invite them to sue me for libel as I have the documents which show that my claims are 100% verifiable. See you in court bitchez!

Any shareholder in Hotel Corp should at once contact Yeoman to pledge support at the forthcoming EGM - this will be a proxy fight and everyone should back Yeoman against the lying crony capitalist Derek Short. Please contact Yeoman today on [email protected]  


2906 days ago

In light of FCA enquiry into Quindell will the Fascist Lawyers of Schillings apologise to me? Here's their letter

In light of the recent news about internal, FCA and SFO enquiries into Rob Terry and Quindell (QPP) I was wondering if all those who threatened, smeared and bullied me for exposing this fraud would care to apologise? The most fascistic lawyers letter I got was from the top libel firm of Schillings as the fraudster and insider dealer Rob Terry spent £750 an hour -of shareholders cash - to try to shut me up. That letter can be read below.



2985 days ago

Exclusive: Jim Ellerton hoisted by his own petard – now has no claims against Sefton

Jimmyliar Ellerton, the disgraced former boss of Sefton Resources has been hoisted by his own petard and has now been told why he has no claims against Sefton Resources –it all goes back to the Gary Dillabaugh case and to some more recent issues with his – pro tem - trouble and strife, the foxy Carol.

You will remember that following a court case in Denver some years ago Jimmyliar was ordered to pay a seven figure sum back to retired Dentist Gary Dillabaugh. It was this case that brought Jimmyliar down since he had sworn under oath that Sefton was liable for his personal debts. He was either a perjurer or an embezzler and so was forced to quit in disgrace and shortly afterward the Sefton libel case against me collapsed.

However going back to the court case in 2008/9 Jimmyliar 


2994 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Quindell - Vindication, defiance, apology, analysis

At one level a triumph. Quindell threatened me with libel action becuase I accused it over overstating its profits ahead of and after its rescue bailout in November 2013. I accused it of fraud. It has today said those profits will be restated. It thus raised money on a fraudulent prospectus and folks should go to jail. Those who bought at 660p+ on the basis of those bogus, fraudulent profits and other lies should be demanding that Rob Terry be prosecuted becuase they will never get that money back.

On the other hand the shares will not go to 0p so an apology. Quindell admits - as I asserted - that without the Slater & Gordon deal it is bust. But S&G is committing corporate hari kiri. I look at where its shares are going (down) and where Quenron will head from here.

My critics seem to think it would be a good thing if I retired. I have a clear message for them. In exposing fraud and lies at Quindell I am now vindicated. I have numerous other AIM Casino scalps over the past two years and I want more. And so I shall continue to go after your pals the fraudsters including the uber serial criminal Mr Robert Simon Terry.


3053 days ago

Brokerman Daniel joins the board of Sefton Resources – I am not kidding

Dan tipped me off on this and it has just been announced. Mr Levi is to join the board of Sefton Resources (SER) the company that sued him and me for libel (and lost). Dan is to identify new opportunities to take the company forward. And it gets weirder still.


3061 days ago

You cannot libel a dead paedophile: politician Leon Brittan is Dead

Check out twitter #LeonBrittan. The former home secretary covered up Westminster & Elm House paedophile activities but was also widely believed to be an active nonce himself.


Fleet Street has known this for decades. It has been all over the internet for years. Now the fun starts. I wonder what tributes will be paid to the man by the politicians of today? How many of them are implicated in the cover up, in the rapid departure of Brittan from front line politics here, to a sinecure in Brussels where the money grabbing toad could coin it in big time.

What of the other politicians involved


3065 days ago

Sefton Resources & its Smear campaign expose – Starting Pistol fired

A number of documents have surfaced relating to the smear campaign orchestrated by the former managers of Sefton Resources (SER) to discredit myself and Brokerman Dan as it pursued (and lost) a libel action against us.

The fact is that Sefton was engaged in fraud and lying to investors as we claimed. We were vindicated. The shares


3096 days ago

Quindell – Now tell us about the Gotham judgement fellows? And what about suing me?

Back on 9 September 2014 Quenron (QPP) announced that it had defeated the brave ad heroic campaigners for truth and justice known as Gotham City Research in a libel case. Of course like everything else Quindell announced that was not exactly true but what is happening now?


3121 days ago

Financial Video #58 - Rob Terry is a liar, a conman and a fraud please please sue me for libel edition

Quite simply Robert Terry and Quindell (QPP) have lied to investors engaged in securities and accounting fraud and so Mr Terry is a con man. He has let it be known to the morons that he is going to sue Tom Winnifrith for libel. Tom says "Go ahead, make my day bitchez." He explains why thje fraudster Rob Terry  is acting in this way and the various other empty threats he will employ as he tries to flog as many shares as he can before Quenron goes tits up. The Sheriff of AIM is not flinching.


3135 days ago

Video Postcard #88 - Peace & Reconciliation in Northern Ireland Edition

I am just back from Eire and wayching the UTV news on Friday night the ghastly old muderer Martin McGuinness appeared demanding that he have his cake and eat it with regard to reconciliation in Northern Ireland. This is the theme of this week's video postcard.

On my financial video postcard I again accuse Rob Terry and Quindell of being liars and frauds and invite them to sue me for libel. That video can be watched HERE


3166 days ago

Rob Terry now about those 9.178808m Quindell shares – a Multiple Choice Question for you

I established without doubt on Sunday that the Quindell RNS regarding the issue of 18 million shares on September 2nd 2013 was a great big fat whopping lie told by the company led by Rob Terry. This now begs the question about the issue of a further issue of 9.178808 million shares on October 21 2013. Just to whom were they issued and why? This is exactly the sort of issue my lawyers are dying to get into under the disclosure process if the Quindell bitchez ever get around to suing me for libel.

I start on 2 September 2013 when Quindell – at this point desperately short of cash – issued an announcement regarding Quindell Property Services which reads:


3184 days ago

Quindell & Its Legal Threats to me update…all very odd but I am not gagged! Watch this space!

On 19th August 2014, Quindell’s (QPP) lawyers wrote to me giving me eight hours to agree to withdraw all articles about Quenron, sign a grovelling apology written by them ( how fucking Stalinist) and not to write again. Otherwise I was threatened with a number of measures including injunction and a libel case. I replied within the deadline that I would see the bitchez in Court.

I heard nothing until September 10th when I got another letter from a different firm of lawyers. It stressed that the original firm was still handling Gotham -  since that is nothing to do with me, do I care? – but that a new set of bully boys were now on the case. I am not allowed to report its letter since it was sent in confidence however I can report that it has withdrawn the threat of an injunction and has yet to serve me with any papers regarding an action– it is now more than a month since its first letter. That is a great pity since we could then have started the process of seeking disclosure of matters which would show quite clearly that The Quinnovation Group has indeed committed accounting fraud.


3185 days ago

Quindell Claims Victory over Gotham in libel case. Bollocks. And I shall see you in Court Bitchez

Quindell (QPP) has today declared victory in its libel case against Gotham City. As ever with Quindell it is not telling investors the real story. It has disproved none of the Gotham allegations in Court and almost none out of Court and this is why…

The case was brought in the UK Courts. Quindell knows full well that under the Speech Act passed in the US in 2010 (see here) the judgement is 100% unenforceable in the US. As such it can witter on about a hearing in November will set damages etc. But in reality it won’t be able to enforce collection of a cent. Gotham has not withdrawn its tweets or its report. Has Quindell sought to achieve that it would have had to take legal action in the US where libel laws are far more writer friendly/bully boy crook unfriendly than in the UK.


3200 days ago

I am considering suing Antony Bowers of Quindell and Redleaf Polhill PR for libel

I have been discussing with my legal advisors the possibility of suing Quindell (QPP) chairman and RedLeaf Polhill the PR agency that drafts Quindell’s releases for libel. This is not because I seek mammoth financial redress but because PR agencies and Company executives need to understand that smearing journalists is not acceptable.

In its rebuttal of my allegations to which Bowers put his name Quindell accused me of a number of things. The onus in terms of libel is on it to prove these points


3200 days ago

US Oil & Gas – Last trade was at 34p – get out now while you can – target 0p.

Last time I warned about the GXG listed POS that is US Oil & Gas (USOP) was on July 28 HERE when the market cap was £20 million. Based on the last trade at 34p it is now £13.98 million. It is overvalued by £13.98 million sell while you can. My target price remains 0p

GXG is a matched bargain platform so the next person to sell will get only 31p, then the one after that is into the twenties. If you wait you will be getting virtually nothing for these worthless shares.  Why are they worth nothing?

A. CEO Brian McDonnell is a liar and a fraud and should go to prison. I invite him to sue me for libel as 


3224 days ago

The Unfilled threat to sue me, Evil Knievil and others – an obligation to short

During my career I have had countless letters from companies threatening to sue me for libel. Bear raider Evil Knievil has had a good few too. I am not sure how Evil is doing but I have not yet lost a case.  And have only once or twice caved by taking an article down. The behaviour of companies that resort to legal action is telling. And incidentaly those that have threatened me have nearly all, already, gone tits up.

Good companies do not attract hostile comment from folks like myself, Evil, Gotham City and other bears. We only make specific allegations of wrong doing when we can a) prove them and b) when they are material from an investment point of view. If per chance we get it wrong a good company has nothing to fear. It simply points out factual errors and we will always correct any mistakes made – well I will anyway. And a good company can afford to do – as Rob Terry of Quindell – says he is doing just sit there and “let the results do the talking.” The share price will follow suit and bears will be burned.

Bad companies respond by going to their lawyers.


3261 days ago

Ex Sefton boss Jim Ellerton is a liar and conman without shame – he should be in prison, instead he is trying to screw Sefton again

Results yesterday from Sefton Resources (SER) were predictably dreadful. The silver lining shareholders had hoped for was that after December 31st 2013 ex-boss Jim Ellerton would no longer be a drain on this AIM Cesspit posterboy. However, it seems not. Jim is still trying to relieve Sefton of any cash it might have. The man has no shame. I call on the current board to take steps towards trying to ensure that Ellerton goes to prison where he belongs.

As a reminder: Ellerton was forced to leave the Sefton board by the toothless AIM Regulation team which deemed him not to be a fit and proper person to sit on an AIM board and boy there is a low threshold there.

That came after I revealed that Ellerton was either a perjurer or had been using company funds for his own purposes or both – see HERE.

The AIM team should have booted him out well before for lying about output numbers and many other matters over many years and then raising money on the back of those lies. Ellerton was a conman and a liar and should have gone to prison.

Of course Ellerton compounded his woes by using vast amounts of shareholders cash to sue me and Brokerman Dan for libel last year for calling him a liar and a conman. And we all know how that turned out don’t we. Smiley face. Smiley face. Smiley face.

And so as at December 31st the grossly overpaid old liar left Sefton under an agreed compromise settlement agreement.  But it appears that the old rogue has not gone back to his luxury Hawaii mansion to spend more time with his foxy wife Carol. Sefton is essentially bust but Ellerton wants more 


3261 days ago

Gowex – Gotham City gets a Euro 1.4 billion KILL after 5 days – Now back to Quindell?

When Gotham City published its damning report on Quindell (QPP) supporters of Rob Terry’s firm were quick to rubbish Gotham as a two bit operation with conflicted interests which did not know what it was talking about. On July 1st Gotham turned its fire on Gowex a US and Spanish listed firm with a market capitalisation of Euro 1.44 billion saying that its shares – then Euro 19.91 were worth zero. Today the CEO has admitted that it was all a fraud and the company has gone bust. It took just Five days.

Of course Gowex initially denied all of Gotham’s charges. It said that Gotham had got ait all wrong, reporters were briefed that Gotham was conflicted and it noted “The independent stockbroker analysts have published target prices ranging from €17 to €31 per share. The market consensus is at a value of €23.97 per share.” Hmmm might be some downgrades (to zero) tomorrow I suspect.

Yup six brokers all loved the stock (including Singer N+1 from London).  So when folks tell you a stock must be a buy because respected brokers say so just think of Gowex.

And of course Gowex was going to sue Gotham for libel – see HERE – so when a company says it is going to sue a bear


3277 days ago

Astar Minerals – was I wrong to accuse it of lying? No… and it gets worse.

The twitter and bulletin board morons are demanding that I admit that I am a joker and admit that my accusation of lying against Astar Minerals (ASTA) was wrong. For the avoidance of doubt: “In its RNS of May 27th Astar Minerals lied.” If Astar disagrees it is free to issue libel proceedings and The Sheriff of AIM will see you in court bitchez. Astar lied and its directors are thus liars. But this gets better (unless you are a shareholder) 


3365 days ago

Kennedy Ventures – A TOTAL LIE to shareholders: sue me if you dare!

Interim results from AIM Cesspit listed (Dead) Kennedy Ventures (KENV) out today are – as you would expect lamentable. The company now has net assets (taking a charitable view) of less than £30,000. At 1.55p the company is valued at £419,000. And it has lied to its shareholders – go on folks, sue me for libel, you know where to get hold of me. So where do I start?


3484 days ago

Exchanged! Hooray

An email just in from the Ewok (the Mrs) conforms she has exchanged on the sale of her flat and purchase of a grown up house in the fairly respectable Bristol district of Brislington.

On Friday the buyers of the flat tried to pull out having discovered a clause in the leasehold agreement (supplied two months ago) which spooked them. Good work by the Ewok and her lawyer dealt with that but one working day before exchange was due it was an unpleasant moment.

Now we are all set to complete and move well before Christmas. Hooray.

PS In case any companies thinking of suing me for libel are reading this, the house is 100% owned by the Ewok, I am merely a tenant with no assets at all.


3516 days ago

Great Western Mining City Presentation – Libel Action, Survival, Plan B?

I arrived late and so missed the presentation by AIM listed Great Western Mining (GWMO) – a company where I have – correctly – been mega bearish for some time. However free booze was on offer and so I stayed for a long chat with the management and a couple of other stakeholders. I think I may have to initiate legal proceedings against non exec Mr Christopher Hall but that was not my only conclusion.


3527 days ago

Which AIM listed company will sue Tom Winnifrith next: reader poll results

Five days ago we asked readers to vote on which AIM Cesspit company would be the next to sue me for libel…because it worked out so well for Sefton Resources (SER). The results are now in.


3532 days ago

Reader Poll: Which AIM listed company will sue me for libel next?

I gather that Bulletin Board Morons (Motive Television (MTV) chapter) are begging the company to sue me for libel after this piece yesterday.  Bring it on. All that I did was point out that the company was technically insolvent as at June 30th and will run out of cash imminently. The facts speak for themselves. But this begs the question: which company will sue me for libel next and so I invite you to vote in a reader poll.


3543 days ago

Back to Court we go at 2.30 – Sefton’s Death Wish & Free Speech Principle at Stake

Hi ho, hi ho it’s off to court we go – at 2.30 today Dan Levi, myself and Sefton Resources (SER) crack team from Pinsent Masons and a barrister on £1000 a session will be up in the High Court for another procedural hearing in the great libel cases.

I cannot see this lasting much beyond November 13th as I shall explain below, and it may all end sooner, but for now the Acid Trip with Pinsent Masons continues.


3548 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday – Pinsent Masons Edition

It seems to have been ages since I ran a caption contest. But as I prepare for my next date in Court with uber expensive bully boy City lawyers Pinsent Masons it is time to go again. For on Friday we have another case management conference with Master Kay at the High Court in the Sefton libel trial. You may remember that Pinsents really should not be there at all since it is 100% conflicted as I have formally noted that Pinsents Partner Russell Booker is called as a witness by me. Moreover Pinsents only witness (Jim Ellerton) has been fired in disgrace by Sefton for being a liar and a crook.

The case is thus a total shambles yet Pinsents is ploughing on and will be invoicing poor old Sefton another £10,000 or so for its work in the week that lies ahead.

As such I offer up this picture and ask you to supply your caption in the comments section below by Friday at 9 AM.

Example static alt text
For what it’s worth my caption is:

As the crack Pinsents legal team met to discuss the Sefton case, partner Russell Booker put on his hat and declared of course we are not conflicted


3556 days ago

Sefton - The Smoking Gun email from Pinsent Masons emerges

Oh dear, oh dear, - as the great Mike Walters used to say – it appears that whoever has access to Sefton Resources (SER) emails is again leaking some pretty toxic stuff. This time it is the email from Pinsent Masons partner and legal advisor to Sefton, Mr Russell Booker, in which he warns that the libel case against Dan Levi and myself should be dropped. Quite amazingly Pinsents litigation team are still ploughing ahead with the case regardless so racking up yet more fees for Sefton’s poor shareholders to swallow.


3556 days ago

On an acid trip with Pinsent Masons – Part 3

I was once again back in my Clerkenwell rabbit hole. The dormouse was again pouring some tea of a herbal nature and produced a tray of cakes each one saying “Eat Me NOW or Pinsent Masons will frigging sue you.”   “Surely we have been here before?” I asked the dormouse who just smiled and pushed the tray gently towards me.

A small mole appeared in the corner of the room, winked at me, grabbed a cake and gulped it down. Shroooooooooooom. Suddenly the mole was ten foot tall and was holding a smoking gun. He laughed, devoured another cake and was then carried away on a magical boat back to the Pinsents bunker on a journey past tangerine trees and under marmalade skies.

Curiouser and curiouser I thought. What might the mole have in store for us next?



3562 days ago

An Acid Trip with Pinsent Masons Part 2

Suddenly I was back in my Clerkenwell Rabbit hole sitting with the dormouse sipping what looked like a cup of herbal tea. “Is the acid trip over?” I asked my new friend. “Surely with Sefton’s only witness exposed as a liar and a crook, with Pinsents in breach of the SRA rule-book if it continues to act for Sefton given that Russell Booker is now my star witness and given that the case was bollocks in the first place it is all over?” The dormouse leaned forward.

But at that point there was a loud knock on the door and a man dressed in a red military uniform with round gold rimmed glasses appeared. Bloody hell. It was John Lennon from the Sergeant Pepper album. “Are you sure that was tea?” I asked the dormouse. He smiled. Shrooooooooooom.

Rather thankful that it was not colourful James out on a bender with not Johnny Depp I opened the door. “John – where are Ringo, Paul and George? “ I asked contemplating how Real Man was attracting all the stars these days.

“Do not be so daft. John Lennon was shot dead thirty years ago by Mark Chapman, surely you know that I am Chris Mullen the senior partner at Sergeant Pinsents legal tarts club band?  Here. Have some candy from my five million pound Notting Hill townhouse paid for in part by Sefton’s shareholders.”


3566 days ago

On an acid trip with Pinsent Masons

I have not actually taken any LSD or even  a magic mushroom for years but as I contemplate the insane world of Pinsent Masons and the Sefton libel case I feel like I am on the most amazing trip. For Pinsents yesterday stated that it is ploughing ahead with the libel case. I happen to know that this is bollocks – the remaining Sefton directors met Pinsents and other advisors last Friday and are trying to find a way out. Oh yes, I have my sources Pinsents, try not to get too paranoid.  But anyhow let’s go on a magical mystery tour with the bully boy lawyers…

Suddenly a giant caterpillar appeared and beckoned me from my Clerkenwell rabbit hole towards the High Court. I called as a witness of fact Mr Russell Booker, a partner at Pinsent Masons, and asked him to read out his memo to the Sefton board in which he said that Jim Ellerton (Sefton’s only witness) was “discredited as a witness” and thus the case was unwinnable. “Thank you Mr Booker” said the white hare “would the plaintiff like to cross examine?”

The Barrister for Sefton consulted his team of lawyers from Pinsent Masons about how they would cross examine a partner from Pinsent Masons who was appearing as a witness of fact for the defence. Shroooooooooooooooooooooooooom.  No conflicts of interest here said the Pinsents team as they smoked a large hookah offered to them by Dr Ali in lieu of his final draft preliminary final report on steamflooding.

The Judge offered everyone more tea and a piece of cake


3567 days ago

Pinsent Masons is bringing Sefton to its knees – this is disgraceful greed

Let me be clear I have offered to allow Sefton pay a modest sum, in shares, covering my costs and the damages it owes me for its libellous RNS of 24 February. The company could have been off the hook by now wasting no more of its limited cash on settling this legal battle which it has lost. That would clearly be in the interests of shareholders who have suffered enough already. What or who is stopping this? Bully boy lawyers Pinsent Masons.

Round at Pinsents Associate Helen Skinner (£500 an hour) has been removed from leading the case and replaced by a partner on £750 an hour ( a Mr. Twemey). And what did they spend the weekend doing? Sending letters to Dan Levi (at £750) an hour demanding that he allow an extension to the disclosure process which Pinsent Masons has already agreed with the Court weeks ago.

It is not as if Dan wants many more documents than the ones he wanted on July 27 when Pinsents agreed to the original timetable. Just one: The opinion of Russell Booker (Pinsents partner) presented to the Sefton board stating that Sefton’s sole witness (Jimmyliar Ellerton) was not credible and that the case would be lost and should be dropped. I am sure Pinsents can find that memo without too much trouble.

I feel sorry for Sefton shareholders and so have offered the company a way out that eases its very tight cash position. Shareholders should be begging their board to accept my offer and tell Pinsents to fuck off and stop billing for what little cash is left in the depleted corporate coffers. I should warn Sefton shareholders


3571 days ago

A joint statement from Dan Levi & Tom Winnifrith: Sefton: We are Vindicated - Jim Ellerton Fired in Disgrace

Sefton Resources (SER) has this morning fired its chairman Jim Ellerton from the board. He has been shown to be a liar, a criminal, a man not fit to run a PLC and there will be worse to come for him as the Serious Fraud Office, the US Internal Revenue Service and the Colorado Department of Justice Enquiries get underway. All three have been or will be provided with full dossiers. Ellerton will try to grub whatever cash he can from Sefton but he is toast. Toxic toast.

Sefton sued Daniel Levi (aka Brokerman Dan) and Tom Winnifrith for libel and also reported them to the FSA for market abuse and then accused them of market abuse and libel via an RNS. Sefton also briefed The Daily Telegraph that we were shorting the company for a monetary gain. All was part of their malicious Black propaganda campaign. Sefton is today negotiating with Dan and Tom.

It will be paying their costs in defending this case but also damages for defaming them. The only issue is how much will it be paying.

Those Bulletin Board Morons


3572 days ago

Sefton: Even at its Death the dirty tricks continue?

In what appears to be a company inspired campaign I see that the Bulletin Boards are suggesting that the pizza man (i.e. me) has run out of cash and that I am thus about to cave into Sefton and concede in the libel case. Jeepers. Since the posters involved have historically had a direct line to Sefton IR fuckwit Doctor Michael gopher Green, I assume the worst. With Sefton that has historically been a fair assumption to make.

For the avoidance of doubt. I have not run out of cash. As it happens, my employer (RMPC) booked revenues of just under £15,000 yesterday – the best day in its history. As such that part is total bollocks.

And when it comes to the case, Sefton has called just one witness and cannot at this stage call others. That witness was Jim Ellerton who is now a disgraced proven liar and a crook. The AIM team have said that he is not fit to sit on a PLC board. Wheels are turning in Colorado to ensure that he is charged with perjury (a 5 year stretch) for his 2008 deposition. His own lawyers say that he is thoroughly discredited and the Sefton case is in tatters. It IS running out of cash.

It is Sefton’s advisers that are reaching out to me (and Dan Levi) to agree a settlement which will involve SEFTON paying our costs. But the RNS issued by Sefton on 24 February 2013 about myself and Dan was clearly defamatory, malicious and untrue. The only question now is what damages we will obtain from Sefton to deal with that matter. And those discussions are underway as are discussions on the nature of the apology TO US FROM SEFTON.

I hope that is clear. Even to the gopher who is in enough trouble as it is and should put a cork in it as further aggravation will only make myself and Mr Levi more aggressive in our claims for damages.


3577 days ago

Having fun with @PinsentMasons on twitter - a game all can play

City law firm Pinsent Masons played its part in the Sefton dirty tricks campaign against Dan Levi and me with its infamous letter to the FSA trying to stop me writing about shares. To protect its bent client it tried (and failed) to deprive me of a living. And it then (at great expense to Sefton shareholders) tried to bully me in the libel courts. As such you might understand why I am not its greatest fan.

Pinsents tried to destroy me on its chosen playing field (the law). It failed. Now the rematch is set to take place on my chosen playing field – the internet and new media.

Pinsents disgraceful behaviour is now all over the internet. Those responsible for its new media promotion cannot be enjoying what they read. Its role in the Sefton scandal is now laid bare and my triumphant visit to its luxurious office with a glass of champagne is now a well watched video. The Times newspaper mentioned it in full and Pinsents must be squirming.

In case you missed it or ( better still) wish to pass on the link to everyone you know it is here

But still the fuckers will not withdraw their law suit (which they admit is in tatters). Still there is no apology. I am not asking senior partner Chris Mullen (hey Chris you now feature in google searches alongside a pic of a scantily clad Cheryl Cole which is not pornography and the word fraudster thanks to liar and fraudster Jim Ellerton) to come and grovel personally. But Chris, you could send along a few of the other partners to buy me a slap up dinner at RMPC or just write a public letter of apology.

Oh shite, Chris now appears on google searches next to the word pornography. Welcome Pinsent Masons to my chosen battleground of new media.

Meanwhile I know Pinsent Masons has spent a great deal of effort building up its twitter presence so if you are bored just head off to @pinsentmasons find any one of its worthy tweets and draft a suitable reply.  As an example earlier today I found a tweet from PM

Financial firms to set targets for female board members - Linda Jones of @PinsentMasons talks to @BBCNews  #ukemplaw

So naturally I replied (including both @pinsentmasons and @bbcnews)

@PinsentMasons @BBCNews how about as a priority ensuring boards do not have contain crooks like Pinsents star client Sefton @TomWinnifrith

If you having nothing else better to do this weekend, feel free to go and tweet a reply to one of the numerous dreary tweets sent out by Pinsents and bring some life to its twitter feed. I am sure that they will appreciate the gesture.


3577 days ago

Brokerman Dan Meeting lawyers Tuesday - will the counterclaims bankrupt Sefton

With its own lawyer, Russell Booker of Pinsent Masons, admitting that the Sefton libel case against myself and Dan Levi is in tatters with its sole witness ( liar and crook) Jim Ellerton having been booted off the board in disgrace and now ( in Booker’s words) “discredited,” the way is open for Dan Levi and myself to launch claims against Sefton. Will this sink the ship?

You will remember that Sefton issued an RNS on 24th February accusing us of libel AND market abuse. Via Company Secretary and IR genius Michael Green it also briefed Harriet Denys of the Telegraph (via two phone calls that Harriet has full notes of) that Dan was short of Sefton. Other folks are now coming forward revealing the full extent of the Sefton dirty tricks campaign against myself and Daniel.

As such Both Daniel and I have discussed with our (different) legal advisors not only the matter of recovering costs from Sefton but also now the matter of damages


3579 days ago

Jim Ellerton liar and crook forced off Sefton board – company WAS bust on July 31st

The 666 shirt of investigative financial journalism is out of retirement for a few more days as liar and crook Jim Ellerton clings on to his corporate career for a bit longer. This morning he has stepped down from the board of Sefton (but will carry on as a consultant on full pay) because of “allegations made in two Internet publications against Jim Ellerton, the Company's Executive Chairman, and certain documentation received

Sefton says that the NEDS will “In conjunction with the Company's lawyers and Nominated Adviser, conduct a full and thorough investigation into the alleged matters (the "Investigation"). Both Mr Ellerton and the Non Executives believes this will be in the best interests of the Company. The Company anticipates that it will be able to provide a further update to the market within one week as to the progress of the Investigation”

Heck, why not get Dr Ali to do the report to ensure really speedy delivery?


3581 days ago

Sefton Victory celebrations underway & the 666 shirt goes on sabattical

You should always end on a high. And I am on a high right now. Last night I exposed Jim Ellerton for the fraud and liar he is. The Nomad to Sefton (Allenby) has told me by email that if my initial allegations re the Dillabaugh case were proven either Allenby or Ellerton had to go. If it is the former the shares are suspended and won’t come back. If it is the latter the sole witness for Sefton in its libel trial against me will have resigned in disgrace. So I have won. I gather that the Sefton board is meeting this afternoon so, one way or another, the AIM career of Hawaii Jim is almost over.

I have already popped over to the offices of uber expensive bully boy City lawyers Pinsent Masons , champagne in hand, to record two short videos and when they go live that will be it from me.

Publicly I have put a brave face on this battle and on the Sefton dirty tracks campaign. But it has been a strain.  I fear that there is not a cat in hell’s chance of me getting my costs back. Would I want to do this again or would I rather spend time with the bird, take up fishing again or do a bit of what I really want to do (goat farming)?

My priorities going forward are the restaurant, the UKInvestor Show, my partner (the deluded lefty) and my family, notably my step mother and ageing father - not necessarily in that order. As such the 666 shirt of investigative financial journalism united is (temporarily) retired. After today I shall confine my public comments on shares to my premium Nifty Fifty website. If you want to know my thoughts on shares pop along to Real Man Pizza and buy me a salad or subscribe to the Nifty Fifty

Shareprophets has 20 writers including younger investigative stars such as John Crawford and Ben Turney who I shall advise, if asked, but for now that is it from me on shares. The younger guys will take the battle against the AIM bad guys forward.  I have a book to write (on Sefton), articles to write for this website on West Ham, Greece and other really important matters and a life to lead.

Thanks for your support since this battle commenced. My 36 hour drinkathon now continues and anyone who fancies coming along to Real Man tonight after 6 is more than welcome.


3581 days ago

Celebrating victory at Pinsent Masons Video

I think that this is self-explanatory.


3582 days ago

Video postcard - Fuck you Jim Ellerton and Fuck you Pinsent Masons - I win

Jim Ellerton has tonight been exposed as a liar and a cheat. His position is untenable. I thus serve up my video postcard with a simple message to all involved in this pitiful affair. I Win! Fuck you Ellerton and fuck you Pinsent Masons for invoicing Sefton for so much in pursuit of a daft libel case you could not win. Your case is in tatters now as Ellerton is damned by his own words.

I shall be spending the next 36 hours proving that my partner's parents were right - I am a drunken Fleet Street bum. The celebrations will culminate at Real man Pizza where we offer half price champagne while stocks last from 6 PM tomorrow. Thereafter I shall sleep it all off and then plan a year's sabbatical from investigative financial journalism ( yes there wiull be a book Pinsents will be delighted to know) while I focus on more productive matters.


3582 days ago

Sefton The Smoking Gun has arrived - Jim Ellerton is toast

Jim Ellerton told his Nomad and his fellow directors that he had not under oath stated that Sefton had paid benefits to dentist Gary Dillabaugh to offset personal loans made by Gary to Jim.  Jim Ellerton lied.

Under Oath in 2009 he claimed exactly that in Court. He also claimed that he lobbied Sefton Directors to give Gary the job with Sefton to compensate him for the loans.

Jim Ellerton will have to resign first thing tomorrow.

Jim Ellerton was to have been Sefton’s sole witness in the case of Sefton vs. Winnifrith and Sefton vs. Levi. I think you can safely say that Jim is toast, that libel case is in tatters and Sefton is almost certainly finished.

There will be 50% , off Champagne at Real Man Pizza Company in Clerkenwell


3583 days ago

Why Sefton Shares will be suspended within days

It is now inevitable that shares in Sefton (SER) will be suspended from the AIM Cesspit within days. There are only two outcomes and either means that the game is up. It will leave its vexatious libel case against me in tatters, its bully boy lawyers Pinsent Masons ( who tried and failed to get the FSA to stop Dan and I writing about Sefton and indeed all shares in January) looking like total wankers and shareholders losing everything. And here is why.


3585 days ago

Comtek, Jim Ellerton and Sefton – a source comes forward

A source has today come forward shining light on the dismal failure that was Comtek Resources – Jim Ellerton’s first London listed company. In the exceedingly unlikely eventuality that Sefton (SER) and I meet in court in the great libel trial this source has agreed to come forward as yet another witness. His testimony is critical to those who think that Sefton has any balance sheet backing.


3586 days ago

Helping Sefton Out with an offer of $2 million - I am such a damned nice guy

AIM listed Sefton Resources (SER) which is suing me for libel announced on Tuesday that it which to buy a new steam flood steam generator for $2 million. The problem is that it does not have any cash and is losing money hand over fist. But I am a really nice guy and always keen to help.

I got an unsolicited email this morning which read:

"My wife Violet and I Allen Large won 11.3MUSD in a lottery 6-49 in July, 2010 and we have decided to donate the sum of 2MUSD to you. Contact us via our personal email for more details ([email protected]) You can verify our story by visiting the web page below. 

Co-ordinator:  72hniw duds"

Heck Sefton's need is greater than mine and so I have passed it on to the company - it can have my share of the $11.3 million. But heck Sefton a sharp cookies. M<aybe this is one of the 3rd party funders it referred to in the statement and it is ahead of me.

Anyhow, it just goes to show what a damned nice guy I am.


3589 days ago

Ex Sefton Nomad today publicly backs my call to have the shares suspended

Some of the Bulletin Board loons out there seem to think that the City is on the side of Sefton Resources (SER) in its libel battle with myself and Dan Levi. Au contraire…our big name backers grow by the day. And today came a fascinating endorsement which should make Sefton supporters as well as its uber expensive bully boy City lawyers Pinsent Masons think long and hard.

I posted an open letter via video this afternoon to the AIM regulation team calling on it to suspend Sefton shares pending a full investigation. Heading over to LinkedIN (Facebook for grown-ups) I see that this video has been “liked” by Tim Metcalfe.

I am not sure if I have ever met Mr. Metcalfe but I know full well who he is and he is incredibly well regarded in the Square Mile as a good and honest operator. He is currently joint CEO of the highly regarded City Corporate Finance house Zeus Capital. But until last year he was MD at Northland Partners. And that is where he knows Sefton from because Northland used to act for Sefton as its Nomad until the two parted company.  

Why did the two firms part company? Hmmm.. The fact that Mr. Metcalfe likes my call to have Sefton shares suspended might just give you a hint. Fox Davies was Sefton’s next Nomad and it quit because it felt that Sefton was deliberately misleading investors. I already have the head of Fox Davies called as a witness in the forthcoming libel trial to testify to that. But perhaps there is a pattern emerging here? Do you think Mr. Metcalfe would make an interesting witness in the great libel trial?

Or perhaps now that the City is publically starting to back me the AIM Cesspit Regulation team will finally do something to end this farce once and for all and suspend the shares pending a full enquiry.

Tim – feel free to get in touch at any time.


3591 days ago

Sefton - Two Questions

A week away and much to my surprise there has been no news from Sefton Resources (SER), the AIM Cesspit listed POS that is suing me for libel. I see the shares are now at 0.475p, under the MA line which in charting terms, I am told, means they are a mammoth sell ( upside is capped at the MA) the initial target price would be 0.275p. Charting is bollocks. And, in this case, generous, my target price remains 0.01p. But there are two howling questions for Sefton.


3592 days ago

Entering the offices of Pinsents Masons (lawyers to the scumbags, Sefton) & an American Psycho

A difficult moment arose today as I returned my daughter Olivia to her mother Big Nose after a week in Kent. For some reason Big Nose was worried that I might humiliate her by wandering into her offices at Pinsent Masons wearing an inappropriate T-shirt, holding the hand of Dan Levi or just being a general embarrassment. For Big Nose is a partner at Pinsents, lawyers to the scumbags at Sefton who are accusing me of libel.

And so I arranged to meet her at Liverpool Street Station for the handover. Olivia and I arrived on time and called in but Big Nose was in a meeting. Then she had an urgent call and so I was instructed by her secretary to take Olivia over to the lion’s den, the global HQ of Pinsent Masons. Ooooo er. I could hardly contain my excitement.


3600 days ago

Sefton Announcement: Blatant pre placing ramp, falling production, Comical Ali – the joke gets funnier

AIM Cesspit posterboy Sefton Resources (SER) which is suing me for libel has got no money and is burning cash. It is therefore must do to an equity placing or death spiral drawdown pronto to survive and so has put out its second RNS in two weeks which is not only a ramp but a piss poor ramp to boot.  Focus on: how it spins falling output how it announces the same thing twice and how it spins the fact that yet again it cannot publish Comical Ali’s steam flooding report.  And remember this is a ramp ahead of a placing which will have to be at a big discount to the current share price.


3601 days ago

Reporting Back from the High Court: Winnifrith vs. Sefton Resources

Some of the Bulletin Board loons seems to have expected me to be in prison or bankrupted by this afternoon after round 1 of Sefton vs. Tom Winnifrith in the High Court. Oddly there were three policeman waiting outside the chambers of Master Kay when we emerged but they were not looking for me. But I am sorry to disappoint the loons…this case is not going to be settled, if indeed Sefton is still around, until 2014.

The matters today were purely procedural. When must Sefton disclose various matters and what must it disclose.  Who can or cannot be called as expert witnesses. How a certain key witness who destroys the case against me will be introduced. That sort of thing.  

Sefton’s barrister was silky. I rather enjoyed it when he talked of the libel and Master Kay interrupted with “alleged libel.” He took the put down well. Sefton’s lawyer from Pinsent Masons (Ms Skinner)


3601 days ago

Sefton Resources does not want you seeing this video

Sefton Resources  (SER) and I will be seeing each other in Court in just under three hours. But the company has today wasted more shareholders cash and contacted ADVFN asking that it remove the spoof Sefton downfall video arguing that it is a bit naughty... Ooooh er missus. 

I have advised ADVFN to take it down. This is my battle. But I’d hate for you not to enjoy the video and so in case you missed it first time around. Here it is. As financial comedy goes it is pretty good IMHO. Almost as funny as the Sefton RNS 24 hours before its last placing when it said output had risen when in fact it had fallen.

Sefton...I do not think you understand this interwebby thing do you.

See you in Court at 2.30 PM bitchez!



3605 days ago

Brokerman Dan Unsuspended by twitter – what went on? Another Sefton dirty trick?

A couple of days ago my pal Brokerman Dan  a co-defendant in the Sefton libel trial) had his twitter account suspended. He had not been abusing it by follow/unfollow tactics of spammers (he follows only 42 souls) so why was it suspended?

Yesterday Dan and his solicitor contacted twitter saying that he does not break any rules of twitter but is involved with a libel trial which he expects to win against Sefton. He asked twitter if the suspension was prompted by complaints and a request to block Dan from Sefton or its uber expensive bully boy City lawyers Pinsent Masons.


3628 days ago

I Ride Valiantly to the defence of Jim Ellerton of Sefton Resources

Do not all say it at once but I really am a very nice guy.  Jim’s company may be suing me for libel but how he pisses away shareholders cash on a case he cannot win is his problem. I write today in defence of Jim Bob. I am truly such a genuinely nice guy it amazes even me sometimes.


3641 days ago

FCA backs Dan Levi ( Brokerman Dan) – will he now sue Sefton for libel?

On 29th January the Daily Telegraph ran a piece suggesting that my pal Brokerman Dan was short of Sefton Resources (SER) and that is why he was writing bearish pieces. The source of that story which was untrue was Alex Walters who acts for Sefton as its PR man. The journalist at the Telegraph has contemporaneous notes of the conversation. The paper has now withdrawn the article and apologised to Dan for its role in this i.e. being duped.

On February 25th Sefton announced that it was suing myself and Dan for legal action but also that it had received legal advice that we had breached the Financial Services and Markets Act of 2000 and that it had reported us to the FSA. Dan obtained the letter sent by Sefton’s lawyers Pinsent Masons on 14 January using a FOI request. It took him two minutes to respond and the FCA has now confirmed to Dan that the matter is closed – he has done nothing wrong. It was a spurious and malicious complaint against him (and also me).

I have also explained to the FSA (and to Pinsent Masons) why the compliant was spurious and frankly anyone with a basic understanding of the FSMA would know why it was spurious. As such, to suggest that we had breached the FSMA in a public release was damaging and defamatory. Sefton may regard it as part of a legitimate dirty tricks campaign but I am not sure anyone else would.

Sefton Resources and its agent (Alex Walters) have clearly committed not one but two acts of libel against Dan (also myself). I hope that Sefton will issue an RNS apologising in full to myself and Dan and I’d happily drop the matter there. But I am aware that Daniel is now considering suing Sefton for libel should an apology not be forthcoming.


3642 days ago

You are hated in the City! Yup tell me something I don’t know

And so someone I respect told me yesterday that I was hated in the City.  Not by everyone but in certain quarters. Tell me something I didn’t know. Apparently some folks feel that saying nasty things about companies, advisors, PR firms etc. is just despicable. “Other journalists don’t do it…why do you?” And it gets better.

Apparently this person was told by a well-respected City group not to be seen to work with me because I was being sued for libel by Sefton. To give them credit they did ask the City Group if they knew about the case and was told no. There was just the assumption that if listed company issues libel proceedings then the person it is suing must be a baddun.

Where do you start here? Without commenting on the specifics of this case I would point out that I have had legal proceedings threatened and commenced before. The companies who tried it on before have all disappeared or been censured (in the end) because they were liars or crooks or both.  Any trade body/City group which in a blinkered fashion believes that companies always tell the truth and so without doing any research automatically sides with the company in such matters is frankly a joke organisation. Perhaps these folks have never heard of Robert Maxwell or Asil Nadir or Bernie Madoff? Some companies are bent…just accept it.

And so why write articles which point out that certain shares are overvalued, that certain companies are – if one analyses their published statements – running out of cash or that certain companies have issued RNS statements that are verifiably false or over optimistic?  Let me think for about fifteen seconds:


3658 days ago

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson what a strange affair in Downing Street

My old pal Dan Levi named the Downing Street shaggers on his website last night and so since we are both being sued elsewhere (by a cesspit oil company Sefton) for libel I am happy to stand in the dock with him again and also name them. As it happens numerous other websites and folks on twitter have done the same so it will be a packed Court.

I am Spartacus and I hope others will today be Spartacus forcing Cameron to come clean and admit what vast numbers of people already know.

The Government has bullied the mainstream media into silence by suggesting that revealing this may prejudice the forthcoming trials of Brooks and Coulson. Both face separate charges in relation to phone hacking. I fail to see why allegations that the two were shagging is relevant to that.

The reason the Government and David Cameron personally is terrified about this appearing is that he appointed Coulson as his spin doctor in chief instead of a safer pair of hands from the BBC on the advice of….the charming Rebekah. Rebekah was a good pal of his, lending him her horse to ride as they partied together in rural Oxfordshire. LOL.

And of course Rebekah’s lawyer is….David Cameron’s big brother Alex.

Cameron looks like a buffoon with incredibly poor judgment. Chatting to Christopher Booker about this yesterday we remarked how this seemed eerily reminiscent of the last days of the MacMillan Government. An out of touch elite just cannot help but make itself look dirty and shabby as well as incompetent. While the Country faces appalling problems, Tory MPs like Patrick Mercer take bribes and then “do the honourable thing” and stay in Westminster trousering salary + expenses for another two years and Call Me Dave tries to hush up an episode which makes his judgment look incredibly poor.

The honourable thing for Call Me Dave to do is to make a personal statement: “these are the facts, I made an error of judgment for which I apologise – I was hoodwinked, and regret it all.”

If he did that I suspect many of us might almost feel sorry for him. Trying to hush up something that, by the weekend, even crofters married to their cousins on otherwise uninhabited Scottish islands will know, arouses only contempt.

Parliament works for us not the other way round...or had you forgotten that Dave?


3661 days ago

AIM Cesspit awards and Sefton libel case fundraising dinner with Evil & Lucian - book now

What are you doing on Monday 24th June from 7PM?

How do you fancy hearing talks and jokes from Evil Knievil and Lucian Miers?

How do you fancy seeing the 2013 AIM Cesspit awards handed out to the companies and CEOs who have made the bottom end of AIM the joke that it is?

Would you be inclined to make a donation to the costs incurred by myself in battling Sefton Resources and other AIM companies, exposing the way that they have misled investors on a serial basis? Interested?

The awards will be handed out at a dinner at the Real Man Restaurant in Clerkenwell. Our guests of honour who will both give talks on the night are bear raiders Evil Knievil and Lucian Miers who will discuss fraud and investor deception on AIM.

We will announce the 2013 AIM Cesspit awards to those CEOs or companies who have done most to discredit the market over the previous 12 months.

There is a special menu for the day.

The total cost for the evening is £75, 80% of which will go towards the costs of battling Sefton and one or two other AIM listed companies that seem not to like facing the cold light of truth.

I look forward to seeing you on the 24th in Clerkenwell.

You can reserve your seat and choose your menu options here.



3661 days ago

Exclusive: Sefton Resources multiple investigations by AIM regulation team now underway

I can reveal exclusively that at last things are starting to happen on the regulatory front when it comes to AIM Cesspit listed Sefton Resources (SER) – the AIM regulation unit is now conducting multiple investigations into the company.

Sefton has admitted misleading investors as to its oil production levels and trend just 24 hours before a rescue placing on March 6th 2013 – something that is a clear and mammoth breach of AIM rules. It is suing me for libel for accusing it of misleading investors on a number of occasions in recent years. Until now it appears that the authorities have not done anything but that seems to be changing.

I can reveal that last week



3662 days ago

I am reporting myself to the FSA/FCA to defend free speech from a firm of bully boy City lawyers

Apologies for the tardiness of this week’s column. Half term fun and games are partly to blame. But so is a bully boy letter from a well-known City law firm which is prompting me to report myself to the FSA/FCA to ask the regulator to investigate me for market abuse. I shall report myself at the weekend knowing full well that I have not breached the Financial Services Markets Act of 2000 but I want this clarified in order to protect free speech.

Let me explain what has gone on. My memory is crystal clear. I broke a news story on a company listed on the AIM Cesspit. My source was impeccable. The story was 95% correct and when the truth was finally dragged from the company in question I wrote an immediate follow up flagging the one error (i.e. a correction).  But also pointing out what an investment basket case this was. At no stage until this week did the company contact me. Indeed it declined even to return a phone call when I wanted to run one piece by it.

The company does not like me. And so this week I received a lawyers letter demanding that I remove the articles in their entirety and threatening me by saying that this is market abuse and that if I do not comply they may report me to the FCA for market abuse.  You will note the aim here is not to get a correction on the one small factual error but to get a hostile article (95% of which is verifiably correct) removed in its entirety. 

This is not about ensuring fair reporting it is an attack on free speech. It is the rich and powerful trying to suppress hostile or embarrassing material.


3674 days ago

Sefton: The smoking gun is located: Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha

AIM Cesspit pin-up boy Sefton Resources is suing me for libel over my oft repeated claims that it misled investors principally with regard to oil output last summer and that this caused its then adviser Fox Davies to do the honourable thing and resign.


3684 days ago

Two Letters to Sefton Boss Jim Ellerton re his company’s disgraceful Smear Campaign

I revealed some weeks ago how AIM Cesspit listed oil company Sefton Resources (SER) had instigated a smear campaign against its two principal critics, myself and Daniel Levi (aka Brokerman Dan). It is suing us for libel but has also engaged in underhand smear tactics. This has backfired as the Daily Telegraph has now confirmed to my comrade Mr Levi who, how and when Sefton played this sordid game.

As such I can reveal that Dan Levi will be filing a Solicitors letter with Sefton within days seeking a public retraction and potentially leading to a claim for vast damages for defamation. He has already agreed with Sefton’s uber-expensive City lawyer Pinsent Masons how this will be served.

Ooooh that Dan plays hardball. He is such a gritty Northern hard man.

I am, of course, a really nice guy and like to handle things on an amicable basis.

And as such I have simply dropped Sefton boss Jim Ellerton a friendly note



3685 days ago

Register now for the Midweek Tomograph - free share tip, AIM Cesspit and Sefton request for help issue

Just a reminder that my Tomograph Newsletter goes out bi-weekly with its Midweek edition set to go out today by Noon.

This is the only way to get an alert to my free share tip of the week.

This issue will also give an update on the AIM Cesspit campaign plus a plea for potential assistance as I consider legal action against Sefton Resources, its directors and advisors now that it has been shown how it contrived to libel me.

The only way to get all of that is to REGISTER HERE

Planned delivery time is Noon today


3686 days ago

AIM Cesspit: Sefton Smears, the Daily Telegraph apoligises and names source - Daniel to sue

I reported some weeks ago how Sefton Resources (SER) had tried to smear its critic Daniel Level (aka Brokerman Daniel) who is – like me being sued for libel by the joke AIM company – by planting an untrue story in the Daily Telegraph of January 29th.

The story suggested that Dan was being beastly to Sefton as he was short. The Daily Telegraph has today apologized to Dan and withdrawn the offending article on the grounds that it was untrue.

But it gets better.


3699 days ago

Shocker: The Dirty Tricks Campaign of Sefton Resources exposed

AIM listed joke oil company Sefton Resources (SER) is suing myself and my fellow journalist Daniel Levi (aka Brokerman Dan) for libel. It will lose and it knows it. But I can now start to reveal the dirty tricks campaign organised by Sefton in a deliberate attempt to smear and discredit myself and Dan. This will shock you.

Sefton had no need to sue me for libel. It could have issued an RNS to refute my specific allegations. It opted not to because it knows that they are 100% true: This Company has on a serial basis mislead investors.  And so it is using vast amounts of shareholders cash pursuing a legal case. It knows it cannot win and that this will be buried in the Courts for ages – it is merely an attempt to silence myself and Dan and to imply that we are telling porkies, to discredit us.


3713 days ago

Sefton fesses up: we did mislead investors ahead of placing

Sefton Resources (LSE:SER), the tin pot oil company that its suing me for libel because I pointed out how on a serial basis it has misled investors ( down 99.9% since IPO) over the years admitted after hours (5.44 PM) yesterday that it misled investors 24 hours ahead of a placing last month – as I flagged at the weekend. It now wants us to move on and yet again promises a brighter future.

I find it hard to see how this admission, dragged out of it by myself and Brokerman Dan will add to its credibility in the forthcoming trial and I cannot see how AIM can let this go unpunished. So what is the guilty confession from Sefton?


3716 days ago

Sefton- Gotcha! Blatant pre-placing lie exposed

This is so blatant. I cannot see how the authorities are failing to tackle Sefton Resources (LSE:SER). If the company’s uber expensive City lawyers Pinsent Masons wish to bully me again go ahead – you know where to send your letter and you know where I will file it.  But once again Sefton has been caught with its knickers around its ankles misleading investors and it did so less than 5 weeks ago and 24 hours ahead of a rescue share placing. If I was a client of Dowgate stockbrokers I would be demanding my cash back from the most recent placing first thing tomorrow. This is a black and white case. To Sefton I say: Gotcha!


3718 days ago

Sefton’s uber expensive City lawyers Pinsent Masons needs an IT upgrade

Under the UK’s libel laws if one is served with a libel writ one must file your defence with the High Court but also with the Plaintiff or whichever lawyer is acting for them.  And so this morning Brokerman Dan sent his 1200 page skeletal (i.e. there is more to come) defence over to Helen Skinner, the lawyer at uber-expensive City firm Pinsent Masons which is acting for Sefton Resources.

Oh dear. Ms Skinner replies that Pinsent Masons systems cannot cope with an XPS or text file (they are “not compatible with our systems”) and so can Dan reformat as a PDF or send over a hard copy? I doubt that he will. He is not obliged to. My super cheap laptop can open an XPS or text file and so with Partners at Pinsent Masons on a charge out rate of £750 an hour I suggest that they splash out £420 on a cheapo laptop ( with all licenses) at PC World.

This begs a further question? Will Ms Skinner bill Sefton for her time in sending a letter to Dan ‘fessing that her firm’s IT systems are not as capable as my £420 laptop (with full licenses) from PC World. Pinsent Masons normally charges for a minimum of ½ hour slots and so if Dan can keep this conversation going for another couple of emails then Skinner can trot down to PC World buy the laptop and effectively stiff Sefton’s lucky shareholders with the bill. Problem solved.

Do you think I should invoice Pinsent Masons for my consultancy on this matter? Er that will be ½ hour at £750 an hour – call it two snotty emails to Dan on behalf of Sefton. I cannot say fairer than that.

Of course Pinsent Masons also earns large fees acting as company secretary to Sefton. I shall be turning to this matter and claims made on the Sefton website next week. Watch this space.


3721 days ago

Sefton Statement is Laughable – the missing facts

AIM listed joke company of the year 2001-2013, Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) has this morning released an independent valuation of its Kansas reserves which can only be described as laughable. It is back to its old pal Dr Onat for this corker. It defies belief that anyone should fall for this baloney but here goes.


3726 days ago

Sefton Resources – Dan files 1200 page rebuttal at High Court. Tick Tock.

My own defence against the spurious libel claims made against me by joke oil company Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) went in weeks ago. But today I have the good news that Brokerman Dan has filed his defence. It forms only part of his argument but already runs to 1200 pages of documents which poses an interesting question for Sefton, as Dan promises me that he has far more to come.

Uber-expensive City lawyers Pinsent Masons will now have to read every single page of Daniel’s submission. And its charge out rates are, I believe £500-750 an hour. Having read it all in detail missing nothing out it then has to submit its own response


3729 days ago

The great Leavenworth trail – more questions (no allegations) for Sefton Resources

AIM listed oil stock Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) is suing me for libel - it wants to shut me up. As this process drags on I shall under disclosure rules be asking for an awful lot of documents and emails as, I imagine will Brokerman Dan who is also being sued by Sefton and its uber-expensive City lawyers Pinsent Masons. But to save Sefton some time later, there are some matters relating to its pipeline assets in Leavenworth County Kansas which its paid for cheerleaders at Hardman, Edison, etc. have flagged as having exciting upside about which I ask the questions now. It goes without saying that these assets are - despite what Hardman, Edison tell you - essentially worthless and here is why.


3733 days ago

Sefton Resources – Time for another director disclosure?

I had a day off yesterday from Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) the joke AIM listed oil production company that is suing me for libel. But this morning I am sent, by a pal on the West Coast, a little snippet which I thought might interest you.  It concerns Thomas (Tom) George Milne who was appointed a non exec director on August 9th. His CV at the time sounded jolly impressive and when I met the fellow on October 9th it was explained to me that he was there to give Sefton’s financial reporting function more rigour. Milne’s CV looks good but..


3738 days ago

Today’s Questions for Sefton Resources – the world of Leavenworth (less) county

As you are aware AIM listed joke oil company Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) is suing myself and my pal Dan Levi (Brokerman Dan) for libel. We cannot wait for our days in court as this is getting more amusing by the day.

A day or so I asked Sefton the simple question – how many flights to and from Hawaii (where Jim Ellerton lives in a luxury mansion) have been paid for by Sefton? The answer could be nil and if so I would have hoped for a speedy reply. I have had no such reply. Perhaps shareholders might have more luck putting that question to the company directly- I suggest calling its PR man Alex Walters on his mobile 07771 713608 - good luck.

But I now have a few more questions and this time I move from Hawaii where Jim spends his millions to Kansas and Leavenworth County where in 2009/10 Sefton ponied up a total of $215,000 to buy some gas pipelines.


3740 days ago

Hawaii 5-0: Today’s Questions for Sefton Resources

As you may remember Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) is suing myself and Brokerman Daniel for libel. I have already responded to its writ and lodged my papers in the High Court last week. Dan tells me that he will be lodging within 24 hours. Both of us await this matter with mounting excitement as the more this goes on the more folks come to us with interesting snippets.

Today a former investor in Powerhouse Resources (go check it out) pointed me to Hawaii. For it appears that it is in this luxury pacific paradise that Sefton chairman Jim Ellerton and his delightful wife Carol make their home - it is not a modest pad. Public records show that it was bought for $710,000 in 2004. Why drag poor Carol into it?


3746 days ago

Sefton Resources – the new sources, the email trail and its time to call the IRS

As you know Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) is suing me for libel. What is amazing is that as every day goes by more folks come out of the woodwork offering up information which makes my case ever more watertight. This is getting more and more enjoyable by the minute.  Just to keep you all amused and to allow uber expensive City lawyers Pinsent Masons to rack up more billable hours for Sefton to fund I share a couple of little gems with you. Pinsent Masons really is expensive but I do not wish to deter Sefton from pissing all its cash away as the mother of my daughter Olivia is a partner there and its Olivia’s Birthday in a few months, school fees are very expensive as are piano and hockey lessons and I am delighted that all this business is heading the way of PM.  And Olivia’s mother likes expensive holidays and so if Sefton’s shareholders can pony up some more and allow her a really smashing break this summer I’d be delighted for her.


3747 days ago

RIP An Old Friend - Why I have written little for 24 hours

There were two reasons why I have not written a word for ages. One is Sefton and you can read about that here, the other is the death of an old friend. I refer to my laptop – the one that has gone everywhere with me for five years, lived in a rucksack as I travelled around Greece last summer and was so worn that only 10 letters were still even partially visible on my keyboard.

Yesterday evening as I finished my work with my prime lawyer, I tried to restart my old friend. It just refused. It is now an ex-Computer. And I now tap away on a new machine. It uses Windows 8 which is bloody annoying and I keep being directed to screens in which I have no interest at all. I am even being encouraged by it to read articles from the frigging Guardian.

I am sure that I will get used to it but pro tem work is painfully slow. For that reason and for the day wasted by Sefton there is no midweek Tomograph this week. Normal service will resume at the weekend.


3747 days ago

A day wasted by Sefton and my July 11 Moment – See you in Court bitchez

I spent all of yesterday talking to the two lawyers who are assisting me with my defence against the spurious claims made by AIM Listed oil penny dreadful Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) that I have committed libel. Well here is another article for Sefton’s uber expensive City lawyers Pinsent Masons to read for I make fresh allegations today.

I have also today lodged my intention to fight this case with the High Court. And I am keen that battle commences as soon as possible, before Sefton runs out of cash. I do not wish to be denied the chance to see inter alia Jim Ellerton, Doctor Green and the senior partner at Pinsent Masons (company secretary to Sefton) having to give evidence on oath.

In compiling my detailed response I had a great moment. My July 11th moment.


3749 days ago

I have balls of steel - its official

Well it is not official. Or in fact true. But a kind Bulletin Board poster on ADVFN has just posted:

Winnifriths done it again. He’s only gone and libelled SEFTON. The man has got balls of steel. Cant help admiring him. He must know 100% that he’s going to win otherwise he’d never have written this.

To Mr Diddliesquat, for that is the poster, I say thank you for the compliment but I have not libelled Sefton today or at any time. Everything I have written can be stood up with facts. Sefton knows that really and is just playing for time. But thank you anyway.


3749 days ago

Sefton Resources Trading Update and a NEW accusation from me of Sefton deliberately misleading investors

This is all so bloody familiar but here we go again with another trading update from Sefton Resources (LSE:SER), the joke company that is suing me for libel. I will offer it an opportunity to broaden that case below since I have unearthed another howler of a statement this morning in which, I accuse Sefton and its plutocrat chairman Jim Ellerton once again of deliberately misleading investors. But first the trading statement.

Dr Ali says that his report on steamflooding in California is making good progress. Specifically that: “ work on the history match stage of the thermal stimulation report is now coming to an end. Dr Ali has advised that he is about to start the cyclical steam matches and various steamflood scenarios which he plans to work on simultaneously”. This would be the report that in the now infamous interims of September 2012 was promised for delivery by the year end. And that which on 6th April was promised for delivery by the end of May. That is April and May 2011.


3750 days ago

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph again: Ooooooh Noooooh

Long term readers will know that my relationship with the Daily Torygraph City Diary has not always been of the friendliest variety. First there was gorgeous pouting hackette Anna White but when she left her shoes were filled by Fleet Street kitten Harriet Denys. Neither has been exactly kind to me and so when I learned that this column was to write a piece on my little spat with Sefton Resources ( the company that says its output is going up when it was in fact falling and now sues me for libel for suggest that this might be misleading) I naturally feared the worst.

Oddly Ms Denys did not actually call me for my side of the story. Last time she covered Sefton she claimed that Brokerman Dan was only being brutal because he was short of the stock, citing sources, i.e Sefton’s loathsome PR machine, for this utterly defamatory and unfounded allegation of market abuse. And so I thought I better call pouting Harriet to put my side of the story.

I pointed out that Sefton had said output was rising when it was falling as it prepared to raise money by issuing shares. I asked her if she thought this was misleading? She admitted that she did. Clearly I must call her as an expert witness in the forthcoming libel trial.

Do I expect a fair report in the paper tomorrow? Er…no. I am sure that Sefton’s PR machine is far more charming than I am. And for the Telegraph City Diary to be even balanced towards me would break the habit of a lifetime.


3756 days ago

AIM Listed Companies that have publically announced they are suing Tom Winnifrith for libel: a history

You might think that companies sue me for libel all the time. Well I get the odd lawyers letter. My life is set up in such a way to deal with it all. I think my all time personal best record was to get three in one day from a company called 3DM. 3DM alsolet it be known that it had reported me to the FSA for market abuse. Well guess who got censured (twice) by the FSA in that little spat? Correct. Not me.

But only two companies have actually issued a press release stating that they were suing me for libel.

The first was an AIM listed company called Firecrest. In 1994 it issued an RNS naming me personally saying that it was suing me for libel for pointing out a number of issues relating to statements that it had made. It went bust before I could have my day in Court. Shame, I was looking forward to it.

The second was AIM listed Sefton Resources this week.


3756 days ago

Pursuit Dynamics – Adele is now singing

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Will I get sued for libel for saying that Pursuit Dynamics is a shambles and that those who organised a £5.4 million placing at 3p in December have a few questions to answer? Well hell’s teeth, Cenkos Securities please join the queue if you are offended. The company has today published its results for the year ended 30th September but the new board says that since it will miss its revenue targets for the first half of this year it will be shutting down all its businesses and trying to realise value for shareholders from its IP. Yeah right.


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What has Jim Ellerton of Sefton Resources got in common with Nick Clegg?

One runs a tinpot organisation and issues a press release saying that measures taken by his organisation “continue to deliver production growth” at a time when production had fallen sharply for the prior two months and one runs a tinpot organisation and says that he had not heard of allegations that his party CEO was a serial sex pest until last week. Oh dear. Breaking News: It seems that one of his own former MPs (Sandra Gidley) has now gone on the record saying she told Clegg all back in 2007.

In for a penny in for a pound. Ellerton (or rather his grateful shareholders) is suing me for libel for calling his statement about production growing (when it was in fact falling) “deliberately misleading.” I really am not quaking in my boots about defending that one and cannot wait to get JimBob to explain himself on the witness stand.

Now that I am getting the hang of being sued for libel for pointing out the bleeding obvious, here we go again: Clegg, I think your statements about your knowledge of sexpest-gate are deliberately misleading too.

What’s the difference between Jim Ellerton and Nick Clegg? Unlike Clegg, Jim Ellerton has at least some chance of being leader of the Lib Dems after the next election.


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If Sefton Resources wins – proper financial journalism loses

Sefton Resources is an AIM listed company which I only encountered in the summer suggesting that the shares were ludicrously overvalued at north of 2p. The shares are now south of 1p and yesterday it issued an RNS saying that it was suing me for libel and reporting me to the FSA for a breach of the FSMA of 2000. Whatever.

Its contention is that I have accused it of misleading investors and lying and it cites several articles where I have, allegedly, done this. If it could prove that this allegation is without basis that would be libel. I am not sure where the FSMA comes into it since I have no position in Sefton but I think that there is a clause in there about knowingly disseminating false information. There is just one flaw in Sefton’s reasoning…

A main bone of contention is my analysis of the interims released on September 11th 2012. And I quote from the piece that I wrote then and which I have no intention of withdrawing:


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Sefton Resources See you in court: bring it on!

AIM listed Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) has today issued an RNS stating that it has initiated libel proceedings against me personally and also against BrokerMan Daniel. Bring it on. Game on. I am delighted by the news as I relish the opportunity of having my statements validated.


3757 days ago

Justice 4 the Sefton 2 - New T-shirt availlable

Justice 4 the Sefton 2. Want to show your support for free speech? As AIM listed Sefton Resources (SER) launches a libel case against myself and Brokerman Dan do you care if AIM companies can silence critics who dare to point out that press releases are misleading? If so show your support by buying a T-Shirt, mug or hoodie HERE.