Entering the offices of Pinsents Masons (lawyers to the scumbags, Sefton) & an American Psycho

Tom Winnifrith Friday 9 August 2013


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A difficult moment arose today as I returned my daughter Olivia to her mother Big Nose after a week in Kent. For some reason Big Nose was worried that I might humiliate her by wandering into her offices at Pinsent Masons wearing an inappropriate T-shirt, holding the hand of Dan Levi or just being a general embarrassment. For Big Nose is a partner at Pinsents, lawyers to the scumbags at Sefton who are accusing me of libel.

And so I arranged to meet her at Liverpool Street Station for the handover. Olivia and I arrived on time and called in but Big Nose was in a meeting. Then she had an urgent call and so I was instructed by her secretary to take Olivia over to the lion’s den, the global HQ of Pinsent Masons. Ooooo er. I could hardly contain my excitement.

Having shown utter restraint by wearing a Piss off Argentina T-shirt ahead of my meeting with Big Nose I could not resist and quickly fished out a “Gary Dillabaugh wants his $$$$$” number and off Olivia and I headed to the Pinsents bunker.

As you can see the uber expensive City lawyers have pretty plush offices. Photo one shows me posing outside.


And photo two shows me heading into the building.


Inside, I was not escorted out by the burly security guards but sat politely in a luxurious reception (where are the customer’s luxurious reception’s let alone yachts?)  and noticed a big display boasting of how Pinsents sponsors the Almeida Theatre in Islington. The next new play on there is a new production called American Psycho.

Apparently it is the tale of an oil man from Colorado who is driven to issue misleading press releases for years and years by some mental flaw in his character. Eventually he is exposed by two small time bloggers and as in Scooby Doo, his final line is “Darn, I would have got away with it but for those damn pesky blogger kids.” It is a comedy (in that the AIM regulation team are a joke), a tragedy (for those who invested in his company) but it has a happy ending for him as he leaves the City stage first class to Hawaii having trousered well over $7 million dollars.

Okay, I made that last paragraph up. I have no idea of the plot of American Psycho but I am sure that Sefton shareholders will be glad to know that some of their cash is going, via Pinsents, to support this forthcoming production providing high-brow entertainment for the chattering classes of London N1.

Thank you to a grumpy teenager (almost) for being today’s David Bailey.


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