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You cannot libel a dead paedophile: politician Leon Brittan is Dead

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 22 January 2015

Check out twitter #LeonBrittan. The former home secretary covered up Westminster & Elm House paedophile activities but was also widely believed to be an active nonce himself.


Fleet Street has known this for decades. It has been all over the internet for years. Now the fun starts. I wonder what tributes will be paid to the man by the politicians of today? How many of them are implicated in the cover up, in the rapid departure of Brittan from front line politics here, to a sinecure in Brussels where the money grabbing toad could coin it in big time.

What of the other politicians involved in Elm House, Dolphin Square and other centres of kiddy fiddling? Will they too be taken by the grim reaper before we finally get the National Enquiry, the victims deserve?

Somehow I doubt it. The publication of the Chilcot report into Tony Blair's illegal war in Iraq has been delayed until after the election to spare the blushes of establishment figures notably the war criminal himself. 

By the time the Westminster nonce enquiry is published old scoundrels like Lord Greville Janner will be long dead.

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