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Forget Russian Bots, it is Dad’s Army that is to blame for Brexit – media luvvie Daisy Goodwin goes full Cadwalladr

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 25 June 2019

You may have missed it but Nick Clegg, once a hero of remainiacs like crazy cat woman Carol Cadwalladr yesterday spelled it out loud and clear – Brexit was not caused by Russian meddling and the Cambridge Analytica story is total tosh. Natch the crazy cat lady and her deluded followers dismissed poor Mr Clegg as a merchant of fake news. For them facts are an inconvenient truth, a bit like Carole’s self written life story.

It was not a good day for Carole with Arron Banks now set to sue her for libel and slander and certain that he will win. It is a simple matter carole, if you can prove the allegations you made about Banks (that he took Russian cash) you have nothing to fear. If you cannot then you should not have slandered him in the first place and you deserve the ruin that awaits you. It is basic journalism. My money is on Arron winning.

So if the Russian’s did not trigger Brexit what did? Poor Mr Clegg shows that he’s a grown up by saying that voters had a wide range of concerns that they felt were not being addressed. Others in the metropolitan elite still thing that we dirty Brexitr vioters are stupid, racist, poor, etc etc and that our simple minds are easily swayed.

Step forward Daisy Goodwin the creator of TV’s Victoria and an all round member of the media luvvie metropolitan elite. She has identified Dad’s Army as the villain, suggesting it has a pernicious influence on us and that folks like my Dad who watch its repeats were swayed by its message that plucky little Britain can stand up to Evil bullies trying to create a United Europe ( my words, not hers) into voting for Brexit. As it happens my father seems to have been swayed by other aspects of BBC coverage like 96.8% of Radio 4 Today Brexit commentators 2005-15 opposing leaving the EU ( source Civitas) so voted Remain.

None the less Ms Goodwin wants Dad’s Army banned. When I am at Shipston I do watch it with my father and it is actually quite funny as opposed to, say, all the 6.30 PM “comedy” programmes on Radio 4. But Ms Goodwin says “we are not amused” and I fear that I may need to buy a dad’s Army DVD box set for my father and explain to him what a DVD is so that he can enjoy the new contraband, that is to say real comedy.

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