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The Wicked Witch (Cherie Blair) pisses away US taxpayer’s cash big time

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 12 May 2013

It is not just the UK foreign aid budget that is a joke. Under the auspices of the vile Clinton woman US foreign aid spending clearly also out of control. One of the war criminal Blair’s charities picked up £550,000 in 2011 but in 2012 it was the Wicked Witch herself who trousered it big time picking up a donation of £405,000 from the grateful US taxpayer for one of her charities.

Accounts for the year to Oct 31 2012 show that the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women enjoyed an income of £1.8million, and almost doubled its staff in 12 months, from six to 11.

The charity has cash in the bank of almost £1.5 million. Its wage bill rose from just over £258,000 in 2011 to £437,000 in 2012. But bear in mind that staff numbers rose during 2012 and thus the total wage bill is now likely to be running at an annualised rate of at last £500,000. Chuck in employers NI and we are heading towards £575,000. The firm uses Farrar’s (the most expensive law firm in London) to do its legal work and it has luxury offices overlooking Hyde Park. How much is spent on marketing? How much on other admin expenses?

The Wicked Witch boasts that it is helping women entrepreneurs out in Africa. Sure. But I wonder what percentage of every £1 the US taxpayer and other mugs send in how much actually goes to help female entrepreneurs out in bongo bongo land? 50%? I doubt it.

The reality is of course that Africa needs entrepreneurs and capitalism per se. It is not that women are disadvantaged it is that all entrepreneurs are held back by corruption, taxes, state sponsored theft and the fact that their countries often mainline foreign aid which then becomes a risk free source of wealth for the middle classes. If I can get risk free cash by mainlining foreign aid why bother taking the risk to become an entrepreneur?

The whole system is crocked. But US taxpayers really should be asking this question:

$1 goes to the US Foreign aid budget.
30 cents goes on administering that budget.
70 cents is sent to the Wicked Witch.
35 cents (if you are lucky) then goes to help folks in Bongo Bongo land.

So 65 cents goes to pay the bloated salaries of white liberals from the political classes based in Washington and London and 35 cents (if we are lucky) is sent off to Bongo Bongo land where a certain percentage again will be stolen by the aid receiving middle classes and local political elite leaving just how much for those who might actually benefit in Bongo Bongo land?

The wicked witch is clearly pretty good with numbers. Perhaps she might care to explain why this is an efficient use of US taxpayers cash?

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