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Fun Self Quiz from the US – Where are you on the spectrum? And the bias of its compiler.

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 25 August 2012

If you have a spare few minutes this is a fun little quiz to take. Answer 20 questions and you will be ranked on a liberal to conservative spectrum on a) social issues and b) economic issues. It will not surprise you that on economic matters I came out on the extreme conservative end of the spectrum (in fact right on the end of the chart). On social matters I came out almost at the other end.

The quiz is here.

Incidentally, I have worked out why I failed to get a perfect 100% non correlation. That is to say why I am not classed as extreme liberal on social issues. That was because I could not agree with the statement “One parent can bring up a child as well as two parents together.” I make no value judgements on single parent families as they can have that status for any reason (death, divorce, just a woman getting pregnant) and frankly I have no desire to interfere in how anyone leads their lives. As such the last thing the state should do is, I believe, provide financial incentive giving a bias to any particular form of household. The state should impose morals on its citizens.

But it just strikes me that having two parents around is easier for the parents and thus enhances the provision of better childcare. That is not a moral judgement just my assessment of the factual evidence I have seen and my own experience. But it appears that in making that fact based assessment I am deemed illiberal. I think that says a lot about the mindset of those who compiled this quizette.

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