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The Royal baby – do I care? And Peter Tatchell who I admire greatly

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 23 July 2013

And so the royal baby is born and I wonder do I really care? Do I understand the hysteria? I have to admit that I just cannot make up my mind on the monarchy although I respect the Old Queen greatly. But more on Peter Tatchell later.

As a meritocrat I can see no earthly reason why I should believe in monarchy. It is an anachronism. However when I consider who we would have had as a head of state had there been no monarch I quickly get out the bunting and start singing God Save The Queen. President Heath? President Kinnock? President Wicked Witch? I will stick with the current set up thank you.

If I am in any doubt as to where I stand I simply look at the terrible deluded and embittered lefties wheeled out by the BBC and The Guardian to celebrate the Royal Birth by saying we should abolish the monarchy. If Polly Toynbee et al stand for one thing then I just know that it is right to hold an opposing view.

As such I suppose that I am a Monarchist by default but that does not make me a terribly enthusiastic one. Peter Tatchell who is a republican tweeted yesterday that “The Royal Baby is one of thousands born the same day. Too much fuss. But good wishes to baby & parents” I take a pretty similar line.

But I note that unlike many on the left Tatchell shows a bit of decent humanity in his tweet. Good for him. While some on the left cannot hide their hatred for the Royals, Tatch recognizes that William and Kate are human beings going through the same emotions as any other couple facing childbirth.

On a whole range of views the gay rights campaigner is absolutely bonkers on a scale that makes Polly Toynbee seem almost sane. But for the way that he supports free speech even where he disagrees violently with what is being said (in a way that many on the left do not), for his incredibly brave campaigning on gay rights issues in places where homosexuals face real persecution (which has seen Tatch beaten up horribly over the years, so much that his body is broken), and for his basic sense of humanity, I am a great admirer of Tatchell.

I follow him on twitter, thankful that he has never had the power to implement some of his more ridiculous ideas but grateful that he is there as a constant force for change and spur to the collective conscience. Long live the Queen. In this context: both of them.

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