Tuesday July 25, 2017
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Is it April 1st? Ginger Spice and Russell Brand

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- Tom Winnifrith

Yes I am on a train and as such I occupy myself by reading a tabloid from cover to cover (the Metro). And thus I discover something that I suspect everyone else knew already, viz that Geri Halliwell ( aka Ginger Spice from the Spice Girls) is dating Russell Brand after a “whirlwind romance”. Apparently Ginger says “I am choosy. I want someone who is trustworthy, sweet and kind.” Naturally, when one thinks of Brand those are exactly the sort of words that spring to mind. Not.

And so the woman who once dated Chris Evans and Robbie Williams is now dating a man who boasted to Andrew Sachs about shagging his granddaughter live on air because, as a choosy woman, she has assessed him as trustworthy, sweet and kind. Perhaps if those really are her criteria she might have dithered a bit more before hooking up with the utterly loathsome creature that is Brand.

I have always had a soft spot for Geri – her version of “It’s raining men” from the Bridget Jones film is on my all time play list ( just to show what a meterosexual sort of guy I am), surely she can do better? Tom Cruise is now available once again, Prince Harry needs a sensible woman to calm him down, Hugh Grant is always up for some fun. Surely Geri can set her sights marginally higher than Brand?


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