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The UKIP Jew haters – It’s time Farage Got a grip

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 23 September 2013

There are many reasons why I cannot give blank cheque support to UKIP although I am a profound Eurosceptic but here’s one for starters: the abject failure of Nigel Farage to purge his party of some pretty obvious Jew hating scumbags. I refer to the UKIP Friends of Palestine, a group with only 30 members but whose pronouncements are just shocking.

This bunch of scumbags last week announced

"The genocide of the Palestinian people by the current Israeli government is no different to the genocide of the Jewish people by Nazi Germany."

On Facebook the Jew haters state:

There is no difference between the state sponsored terrorism of the Israeli regime to the terrorism of Hamas and other such groups. We want to see both of these gone for good

Well you are wrong you Jew hating shitbags. Hamas plants bombs in bu9ses and in schools (via suicide bombers and as stand-alone devices) to kill innocent men, women and children because they are Jews.  Hamas fires rockets indiscriminately into Israel not caring where they land as long as they kill Jews.

Hamas bases its rocket launchers & bomb factories in civilian areas, indeed in schools and hospitals. It does so because it knows that when Israel launches strikes to protect itself as any state has the right to do there will be civilian deaths.  Israel pinpoints military targets as an act of defence and its accuracy in terms of combatants taken out/civilians killed in error is incredibly high – much better than, say, the US and UK in the Iraq war.

But Israel is defending itself and targeting only military installations. While at the same time shipping hundreds of tonnes of aid to Gaza every week. Hamas is attacking and is targeting civilians, it just wants to kill Jews.

The two are thus not morally equivalent in any way. And as for comparing Israel to the Nazis, do these utter tossers in UKIP understand that the holocaust saw two thirds of European Jews murdered systematically in just six years?  How on earth can they compare that with what is occurring in the Middle East.

Forget Geoffrey Bloom, it is this disgusting group that Mr Farage should be disassociating his party with. They are nothing less that loathsome Jew hating scumbags so come on Nigel do such folks have any place in UKIP?

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