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Shut up your bashes!

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 4 September 2012

I am used to getting hostile comment when I post an internet article which says anything other than buy. If you pour slavish praise on a stock ( however crap it is) you will have praise heaped upon you. Until it goes belly up at which point you are a total loser. But if you dare to suggest that a stock is overvalued you just get abuse. I feel I must bring you some abuse I got today from America.

The article is the one I published earlier on Trina Solar. I am delighted to see that this $320 million capitalised stock has lost 6% today on the back of the piece – there is a link to it lower down on this page. The piece points out that the company’s balance sheet is a train wreck and that it is losing money hand over fist and as such the stock is not worth very much given that industry fundamentals get worse by the day. But I appear to have made two errors.

Firstly I expressed my personal view that global warming was bogus. That attracted the usual stream of abuse from those who adopted an almost religious fervour in suggesting that I was mad. “how dare you suggest that the earth is not flat? Peer group reviews by 99% of cardinals prove that the earth is flat!” I fear that I am about to be summoned to visit the Inquisition in person as I am ordered to repent.

My second error was to suggest that some Chinese companies might go bust. How can they when the 5 year plan has committed to 550 billion of investment asks DSDong76771.

Er… because Chinese politicians are likely to be just as useless as Western ones in “picking winners” to piss away other folks money on.

DSDong76771 is a hoot. I want him or her to comment on my articles more often. I reprint his/her comment in full as I feel that for pure comedy value in merits a wider audience. Over to you DS…

This arthor and a lots of bashers from wall st predict the ldk, tsl, jaso etc will go to dust?
It is ridiculous because they are no clue for China.
China put solar on the first priority for renewable energy. 550 bil for
the 5 years plan. 50 GW by 2020, that means 2500% exploded than
2011. In such a big picture, how solar could be dead.
US Federal Banks can print the billions money for QE1 and QE2. What about China? China has 2 tril dollars for reservation. China will let its major solars go under?

Use your brain! and shut up for your bashes.

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