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An Idea Pinched from Geoff Miller – the West Ham LinkedIN Endorsement

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 14 October 2013

Geoff Miller posted a piece earlier today on the West ham LinkedIn members group of which I am a member. The boss of AIM listed GLI Finance (GLIF) is quite a witty fellow and his piece reads.

I have added "West Ham Supporter" to my list of Skills and Expertise on LinkedIn, and it would be great if anyone that is connected to me could endorse me, and if you are not connected to me, feel free to send me an invite to connect.

Having thought about what skills and expertise should appear on my LinkedIn profile, I realised that the unfailing ability to genuinely look forward to every season, the extraordinary ability to ignore all the bad times and relive the good times again and again and again, to exclaim that WHU is the greatest football team the world has ever seen, and mean it sincerely and completely, should be reflected on my LinkedIn profile, far more than all the work guff that gets peoples' endorsements at the moment.

Hence I have added "West Ham Supporter" to my Skills and Expertise and I would like to invite everyone to endorse me.

I feel the same. If you are on LinkedIN (a tedious version of Facebook for grown-ups) you will see that I am quite often endorsed for things like blogging but on reflection my most consistent skill over the years has been “Supporting West Ham in Bad Times and Worse” and feel free to endorse me accordingly in my LinkedIn page.


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