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Oxfam and the Floods – Let the Bankers pay

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 21 February 2014

I have noted before that Oxfam is a charity not fit for purpose – it really does spout nonsense on a monumental scale. The latest clanger came on BBC Radio Oxford earlier this week – the link is here and the outbursts start at about even minutes in.

The Oxfam spokeswoman was one with two very stupid women – one from UKIP and a Lib Dem. Needless to say the Lib Dem woman agreed meekly with everything the Oxfam loony said. The UKIP old bag was again saying that the UK foreign aid budget should be diverted to help deal with UK floods. I have note before (HERE) how this is errant wolf-whistling economic claptrap. But her idiocy was easily surpassed by the Oxfam old trout.

She started by saying that the UK had plenty of cash to spend on the floods, after all Call Me Dave says “money is no object.” When a country has a deficit of £100 billion that is patently not true but if our PM (who is meant to be a conservative) is a Money Tree believer one cannot really be surprised that the deluded lefties of Oxfam are also Money Tree worshippers.

But then it got worse. Oxfam says that since 2008 UK bankers have received bonuses of £70 billion which is about £10 billion more than we have spent on foreign aid) so the UK bankers can afford to pay. Where to start?

a) The taxes on those bonuses will be c£35 million which goes to the Government to piss away on foreign aid.

b) If the private sector wishes to pay its staff daft amounts that is its call. Does Oxfam really think it can just tell the private sector to pay less and to hand over money to flood victims in the UK and kleptocrats in Bongo land?

c) Foreign aid spending by HMG comes 100% from either cash stumped up by taxpayers (bankers pay vast amounts in tax) or from debt which will eventually have to be repaid by taxpayers.

Oxfam itself spends a vast amount on campaigning. Now you know what it is campaigning for – a command economy funded by the money tree.

And to think that my deluded lefty father and step mother give so much cash to these cretins.


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