Blogging maestro Paul Scott adds to his Globo short – here’s why

Tom Winnifrith Sunday 9 March 2014


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5 Star rated (by me) share blogging supremo Paul Scott posted a comment at the foot of my most recent humble offering on Globo (GBO) which is frankly far better than the piece itself. In it he explains why he has added to his short in Globo. I think this merits a wider audience and so republish the comment as an article. 

Even a few months ago if Paul or I commented on Globo adversely the Bulletin Board Morons (Globoista Brigade) would have poured on the abuse. But I sense that while die-hards who will remain loyal to the cause to the bitter end remain, their ranks are thinning. And after last week they are thinning fast. This argument is almost won and I would also regard this as a slam dunk short. Enough of me.over to the maestro.  Paul writes:

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