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Ireland Triumph, BOD goes out in glory, God honours our deal

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 16 March 2014

I told God that I did not mind West Ham losing as long as Ireland won in Paris yesterday and so won the Six Nations Championship. And God played ball. West Ham were stuffed at Stoke and Ireland scraped home. My stomach was in knots for the whole game, it was agony but in the end Brian O’Driscoll went out as he deserved with a win.

My thoughts as the match dragged on were of a game in Rome a few years ago. Ireland thumped Italy but knowing that the Championship would be decided on points tried for that extra score and Italy got a freak try. We then sat down to watch France vs. Scotland and with last gasp points France did enough to deprive Ireland of the Championship. It was agony. No doubt as the England team and supporters watched events unfold yesterday they felt the same agony.

Good. So much for their swagger and arrogance, the Old Enemy were deprived. That made Ireland’s win all the more enjoyable.

For once France “turned up” but Ireland were the better side and deserved to win. I am not sure that I understand how the rules of rugby have changed. Apparently a forward pass can now count as a backward pass in some circumstances but the pass for the last minute French disallowed try was a mile and a half forward. Another French try should have been disallowed and Johnny Sexton’s kicking was a bit off. Ireland were the better side on the day and over five matches the best side in the Championship. BOD was inspirational throughout. But it is our forwards who are magnificent.

I may, again, sound like an old fart but the modern scrum baffles me. Why does it always collapse? Why were both Ireland and France not penalised for feeding and “foot up” throughout the game. It just baffles me. I just do not understand the rules of rugby at all these days.

But who cares? Mrs C Booker, a good woman of Ulster, was on her second celebratory Bushmills by the time I called and was on top of the world. Mr Chris Booker had gritted his teeth and showed Euro-solidarity by rooting for the Froggies and was a bit disgruntled but it was his wife not he with who joy could be shared. We do not win things often at a National level in Ireland so when we do, it is time to celebrate. We can ponder life without BOD later.

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