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Weekly Caption Contest: Overpaid, generous pension, long holidays what do we want…MORE! Edition

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 13 July 2014

For once the Mrs was not on strike with the rest of the public sector last week. The University Lecturers have already staged several walk outs this year and why on earth would they interrupt a three month break in the sun to turn up for a protest. But the rest of the comrades walked out. Did you notice the Country crumbling?

Public sector workers now earn more on average than those in the private sector. It is almost impossible for them to get fired – job security is 100%. They get guaranteed final salary pensions. They get more holiday – and throw more sickies than those in the private sector and what do they want? More!

They are an innumerate bunch. They actually think that Government spending has fallen under the wicked Tories. It has risen. The UK cannot afford to go on like this but the public sector wants to squeeze the productive sector even harder, it wants more. And so I bring you a picture of some greedy, innumerate and lazy bastards and invite you to post your captions in the comments section below.  Deadline 9 AM on Friday – which is when folks in the public sector thing that the working day starts.

For what it is worth my caption, brought to you from the self-pitying welfare scrounging capital of England that is Liverpool, is "Walk on, walk on, with a placard in your hand, becuase you'll never work (hard) again."

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