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Israel and Gaza – getting this straight for the Jew Haters

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 13 July 2014

Mistakenly I replied to a Jew hater on twitter today who was accusing the Israelis of “carpet bombing” Gaza. At once I was accused of not caring, supporting murder etc. by a collection of folk who just cannot see the facts.

Fact 1. Israel is not the aggressor. It bombs Gaza to take out rocket launchers which rain death down on Israel.

Fact 2. Those firing the rockets do not care who they kill. The rockets land randomly and could kill men, women or children. These rockets are not targeted at military sites just at Jews.

Fact 3. Israel only bombs Gaza when it is seeking to take out rockets not just to kill Arabs. Unlike Hamas it is specifically targeting military sites, i.e. rockets.

Fact 4. Hamas deliberately puts its rocket launchers in built up areas, near schools and hospitals to deter Israel or make Israel look bad by killing civilians. Unlike Hamas Israel is not looking to kill civilians but Hamas ensures that it does.

Fact 5. In the current campaign 165 Gazan residents have died and 75% of them have been civilians.  This is an infinitely better ratio of civilian deaths to bombs than say the IS/UK in Iraq. The Israelis really do target military sites very effectively.

Fact 6. This is not carpet bombing or genocide. The Jew haters should check out what those terms really mean and then be ashamed for using them as they have. They demean the terms.

Fact 7. Faced with a barrage of international condemnation from folks who do not know what they are talking about, Israel has now launched land operations. This will see Israeli soldiers killed but reduce Civilian deaths as Israel seeks to find the rocket sites. Do the Western powers behave this way? Er…No.

The Jew haters ignore the facts. They equate Israeli bombing targeting military targets but killing civilians made defacto human shields by Hamas with missile attacks which deliberately target civilians. To ignore the cold facts and offer moral equivalence to both sides can only stem from deep personal hatred of the Jewish state. 

I am happy to wear my Yellow Star in telling such folks why they are just plain wrong. And I am happy to say that the loss of innocent lives saddens me whatever their nationality. But do the Jew haters really expect Israel to do nothing and just let Hamas rain down death on the people of Israel?

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