Tuesday April 23, 2019
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Yikes..Snake seen at The Greek Hovel

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- Tom Winnifrith

After almost one month I had yet to see a snake at the Greek Hovel…until yesterday. I arrived back at the Hovel at 9 AM feeling rather tired after a night at Athens Airport and as we got out of the car my guest says “so where are the snakes then?”

As I entered the garden I was about to reply “not seen one yet” when I heard a whoosh and something shot through the grass, starting about three yards from where I stood rooted to the spot. I peered closely at where it was now resting, five yards away. Er….”over there” I said.

In defence of the snake it was a gorgeous shade of green and it seemed more scared of me than I was of it – in that it rushed to leave while I stood my ground.

I have not searched on the interweb but that colour and that size indicates that it is almost certainly poisonous.  We have decided to buy more canisters of snake repellent. And we have agreed that if either of us is bitten the victim will cling onto the other on the back of a bike to get to Kambos to seek assistance.

Heck I knew they were there, this should not be a shock. I am actually quite relaxed about it.


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