Quindell Bulletin Board Morons – Abusing Me Strengthens Me, It won’t save you

Tom Winnifrith Sunday 17 August 2014


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The attacks on me from shareholders in Quindell (QPP) continue. Yesterday say them produce & circulate a defamatory video alleging inter alia that I had an undeclared short position, that my restaurant was unprofitable, that I was very ugly, that all women hated me and that the Quindell Share price was zooming ahead. How very profound. Ugly is a matter of opinion, all the other points are demonstrably untrue.

The video talked about my past career failings. As those slip further and further into history I am not sure of their relevance but I do not hide them. Funds I managed had an okay 2010 and stormingly successful 2011 but a disastrous 2012 – and I was in charge of them until April 2012. Clearly my time at Rivington was not a great success in its later stages although I am not sure that I am entirely to blame. Whatever, I lost my job and my entire net worth and was left worth minus £250,000. I have learned a painful lesson.

But that was a while back.  Heck I may be ugly but I have a stunningly pretty younger wife so you think it bothers me? I know that I have no short position in Quindell. And the Real Man Pizza Company restaurant is profitable.

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