Sunday February 17, 2019
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Quindell & Himex – just a bit of background

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- Tom Winnifrith

You thought Quindell (QPP) had gagged me with its threats? You misjudge me badly. When Quindell’s lawyers have read this please would they remember to ask your clients “did TMC contribute 41% of 2011 Quindell Turnover?” Think disclosure and bring on the legals, bitchez! Tomorrow I shall comment on the interims and then my wife arrives at the Greek hovel for our wedding anniversary week and I largely down tools until September. But for now I have started looking at Quindell’s biggest acquisition Himex. By way of background…

Himex was started in 2012 by Hassan Sadiq and his Mrs, Elizabeth Dawson, with a mysterious backer DCD Holdings. They invested less than £10,000 to start it up. DCD invested £4000 and its stake at the time Quindell bought out the final Himex shares was valued at £60 million

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