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Well Done America – a good kicking for Obama, the vile Clinton family and the Democrats

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 5 November 2014

The front page of the Telegraph’s coverage of the US midterms has the vile Clinton woman hugging the harridan Democrat incumbent in North Carolina. The democrat harridan lost her Senate Seat. Back in Bill Clinton’s home state the lecherous old dirtbag himself turned out nine times in support of the incumbent Democrat senator. He lost too. President hopey change is now so toxic that he was barely seen on the stump at all with many Democrats refusing to use his name and one high profile Senate challenger refusing to say if she had even voted for the man she refused to name. It did not save her. She lost too.

The GOP now runs both the Senate and the House. President Obama is a widely loathed lame duck President and all those associated with him, including the loathsome Clintons are equally tarnished. What a great day for America.

Six years ago President Obama promised so much and was promptly given the Nobel Peace prize. Six years later he has bombed seven Muslim countries, is getting America involved ever more deeply in Mid East conflicts having sort of switched sides in Syria and just blundered along in Iraq. QE has made the crony capitalists of Wall Street even richer but has delivered nothing for America’s poor or for its hard working middle classes on Main Street. Instead the latter has been squeezed by the costs of supporting an ever more bloated state. The day when the dollar is no longer the World’s currency has been brought that much closer by six years of Obama.

America has given its judgement in these mid-terms. Obama promised so much but he has failed on all counts. He leaves a more bloated State, drowning in ever more debt, intruding ever more in the freedoms and civil liberties of good decent Americans and meddling more in the affairs of other countries with the misguided zealotry only a liberal (I use the term as an insult) can deliver. Now we look forward to 2016 with the hope that if the Republicans can find a half decent candidate the White House is very much winnable for the GOP.



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