Tuesday April 23, 2019
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Greece from snowstorm to sun in 60 miles

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- Tom Winnifrith

In my snowcast earlier I described my journey today to the Greek hovel. At Athens airport there were small flakes of snow but as I drove up into the mountains of the Peloponnese the snow thickened. The short video below was shot at 6 AM my time (four yours) in the dark of a service station 10 miles shy of Tripoli and only 60 miles North of Kalamata where I crashed into a hotel bed at 7.30 AM my time.

When I woke the scene below is from my window. It was cold but sunny and I worked with the window open. It was chilly enough to keep me awake but not too cold.

But as darkness fell it started getting colder. There is a howling wind and it s now just about 0 degrees outside. Up in Kambos it is a three degrees colder as it is half way to the Taygetus mountains. The sun set over the other side of the gulf is pretty spectacular.


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