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Comrade Harriet Harman plays the posh card on Jeremy Corbyn – silly woman

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 10 September 2015

In today’s Sun Newspaper Comrade Harriet Harman says that she did not realise that she was not old or posh enough to lead the Labour party. This is, of course a clear dig at Comrade Corbyn. It is also a very silly and unfair slur.

Let’s ignore the blatant ageism and deal with the supposed crime of being posh. Comrade Corbyn comes from a middle class background and then attended a prep school and a grammar school. Harriet Harman is the niece of Lord Longford.  Her father was a doctor, her mother a lawyer and she was born in a private Harley Street Clinic and attended St Paul’s, one of the poshest and most expensive Girl’s School’s in Britain.

I am not saying that Comrade Harman is a total toff but for her to suggest that Comrade Corbyn comes from a more privileged background than her own is just, er…a lie.

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