The Global warming nutters are having a field day in New York but I win a small victory

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 31 December 2015


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It has been a warm December here in New York and the global warming nutters are having a field day. As you may be aware, New Yorkers think that the Big Apple is the centre of the Universe and that the flyover states, being populated by God fearing, gun owning, law abiding , hard working Republicans, can be ignored completely. So we can all ignore the deep snows and floods in Texas, the planet is heating up becuase New York is warmer than normal.

The local weather reprt on CBS News just told me that we have enjoyed the warmest ever December in New York. Hmmm..warmer than the Medieval warm period? warmer than, say, 1500 BC? How does CBS know? Of course what CBS means is "since records began". There were some readings taken here from 1836 but modern records really only begin an a scientific fashion in 1869. So the "warmest ever" claim is just a little bit spurious. But dont let facts get in the way of the global warming nutters.

It was two days ago that I was discussing the UK floods with my daughter's god-mother who is, as a deluded lefty, a global warming nutter. Not letting the facts stop her, she put it all down to one thing: global warming, I mean climate change. I showed her photos of British cities flooded in 1912 and recounted how we were almost flooded out in Northants in 1970 something but to no avail. She pointed out that it always used to snow in New York City in December but had not this year.

Of course there was no snow in December 1877 and the records show many other years with almost no or zero snow at the Central Park weather station. But again why let the facts get in the way as you pay homage to the bogus religion.

And as ever, the Good Lord, showed his sense of humour. For that very night I was able to peer out of the window with my daughter and enjoy the first snows she has seen this year. Okay, just a light dusting of global warming but unmistakaenly global warming none the less.

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