Kylie Morris of Channel 4 News you are a patronising and silly woman - ref Donald Trump

Tom Winnifrith Saturday 30 January 2016


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Over on Channel 4 News on Thursday Kylie Morris was interviewing two God fearing hard working, tax paying folks from Iowa, that is to say Republicans from a flyover state - the sort of people the liberal media establishment would rather not mix with. Kylie put it to them that Donald Trump was making the GOP race a bit of a pantomime, after all "the UK Parliament even debated banning Trump from Britain". Words almost fail me.

In America they believe in something we used to fight for in Britain, that is to say free speech. Mr Trump is clearly a very popular figure among Republicans and even among Independents. Unlike the belle of the liberal media ball, the loathsome Mrs Clinton, there is no chance that he will be indicted any time soon for email cover-ups. Unlike all other contenders from both parties (bar crackpot Dem Bernie Sanders) he is not a creature of the Beltway but has actually made money and created jobs in the private sector.

An awful lot Americans thus have a lot of time for Mr Trump, something Kylie just cannot understand.

That the parliament of a declining second rate power wastes its time debating whether to insult our allies in the US and defecate on the idea of free speech shows that our politicians are the clowns. And Ms Morris is just a very silly and patronising woman, showing her true colours with her ludicrous assertion.

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