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I am now warming to Lord Michael Howard of Quindell too

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 4 March 2016

First it was Donald Trump who I started warming too. Now it is Lord Howard, the ex Tory leader now a NED at Watchstone, the company once known as Quindell or Quenron. It is true I really am starting to rather like the man.

With Trump it was very much your enemy's enemy is your friend. If the Guardian, C4 News and BBC loathe someone he really can't be all that bad can he?

With Lord Howard, we may have crossed swords over Quenron, but he is just so amiable. Feeling bored the other day I sent him an email saying how glad I was that he was in favour of Brexit. I did not expect a reply, especially after all the beastly things I have said about the good Lord.

But then I received the email below. What more can I say other than , what a decent and polite man...

Dear Tom,
Thank you for your recent email. It was good of you to take the trouble to write.
I am very grateful for your support.
Best wishes,

Michael Howard
The Rt Hon the Lord Howard of Lympne CH QC


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