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President Erdogan of Turkey thinks journalists are terrorists: why are we giving 6 billion to this fascist?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 17 March 2016

By we, I mean the EU which is giving Turkey 6 billion Euro as a bribe to only export the right sort of immigrants (ie Syrians whether they be peace lovers or jihadis) to Europe. As part of the EU's Turk-geld policy we are also planning to allow 75 million Turkish citizens to roam freely around the EU from June and to accelerate Turkey's membership appliocation to join the Evil Empire. What could possibly go wrong? What's not to like. Answers on a postcard to David Cameron in Downing Street because Call Me Dave reckons this is money well spent and wants to be part of this barking mad set-up. I don't which is aother reason I am voting for Brexut.

As a reminder, Turkey bombs our friends the Kurds. It buys oil from ISIS and is the chief supply route of men and arms to ISIS. It closes down newspapers and TV stations that are hostile to the Government. And more than 2000 folk have been arrested for the offence of insulting the Government, that is to say disagreeing with it.

Terrorists are dealt with very harshly but who is a terrorist? Helpfully, President Erdogan has cleared that one up for us all. In Turkey a terrorist is not only someone who sets off a bomb or pulls a trigger but also includes journalists, politicians and civil rights activists if the Government deems them to support those engaged in military action. Thus three academics have just been arrested for saying that the Government should cease military action against the Kurds in a region that is overwhelmingly Kurdish. Those academics are terrorists.

If I was in Turkey then I could, for suggesting that Erdogan is acting like a total fascist, also be arrested as a terrorist. Essentially a terrorist is someone who disagrees with the Government and says so.

The Turkish approach to free speech, civil rights and democracy is, shall we say, not exactly in the mainstream of the Europan liberal tradition. It is closer to the model adopted by Time Magazine's Person of the Year 1938, the last German leader befor Mrs Merkel to pick up that honor, Herr Hitler.

Yet call Me Dave wants us to stay in the EU so we can give our taxes to these fascists? So that they can join the club and send their citizes - who seem, in large numbers, to approve of this sort of thing, over here? Perhaps we might hear an outright condemnation of Erdogan's latest words from Call Me Dave and the other EU leaders today as they meet to discuss the migrant crisis that they caused but cannot solve?

One suspects that we will not. All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good en to sremain silent. Or in this case weak little men and Mrs Merkel.

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