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The Greedy Bastards are on Strike again - how will the NHS Cope without the pampered Junior Doctors

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 6 April 2016

Once again the junior doctors are on a 48 hour strike. As a reminder: junior doctors are among the top 21% of all UK workers in terms of earnings. When they finish their apprenticeship and become full greedy bastards (sorry doctors) they will - for a 40 hour week - be in the top 2-3% of earners. Most other professionals in that wage bracket (lawyers, banksters, accountants) put in shifts of at least 50% more. And they don't also expect us to worship them as saints and maytrs while trousering obscene wages.

But the junior greedy bastards want more moolah so we have a 48 hour strike. Patients (79% of whom earn less than the junior greedy bastards) will suffer, nurses ( nearly all of whom earn less than than junior greedy bastards and who will not be in the top 2-3% of earners when they hit their mid thirties) will work harder and suffer. But we are meant to support the junior saints and latter day martyrs anyway?

Junior doctors are almost entirely pampered middle class kids. Most junior doctors had a good schooling and university and come from middle class backgrounds, this is not a profession that admits many plebs. But they are in militant mood, chanting "hoot if you support oppressed saints and not fat cat Tories" outside the hospitals as they hold up banners saying "Jeremy is a Hunt" and thinking how witty they are. And if they do not get their way they will then refuse to cover emergencies in the next strike.

At which point the Junior greedy bastards will check their swiss gold watch ( 18th birthday present from rich daddy) and turn to the chap lying on the trolley and say:

"Sorry Mr poor person who earns less than me and far less than I will when I finish my apprenticeship and whose kids have no chance of getting into this professsion, I want even more money so am going to let you die to show what a bastard Jeremy Hunt is. I hope you are okay with that. Goodbye. Enjoy death. Do you know I am hoing to mummy's house in Tuscany for my summer hols? Oh you are dead. Sorry."

If you pass a hospital today and see the greedy bastards on a picket line do not hoot but wind down the window and shout out

"Didn't we meet at Cambridge" and see how many of them look up at you to see if they did. Or alternatively how about: "Wasn't I at boarding school with you?" Again how many will check you out on that one?

Or you might just settle for " Get back to work you greedy bastards"

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