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Project Fear on BBCQT - the claims are so insane how can anyone take the inners seriously

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 9 April 2016

As ever the BBC Question Time panel was nauseating. The two mainstream Westminster Politicians, Tory Anna Soubry and Labour's Chris " Bryant talked over the orther panelists as the establishment always knows best. On the subject of the EU they agreed. They are inners. And liars.

Chris Bryant told eurosceptic economist Ruth Lea that the trade deal she wanted the UK to agree with once outside the EU was like that which rogue pariah State North Korea has with the Evil Empire. That is patently just not true in any way shape or form but he inisisted it was several times, trying not to let poor Ms Lea get in a word of contradiction.

Not to be outdone Ms Soubry told Douglas Carswell of UKIP that his party leader did not want to do any trade at all with the EU post Brexit which would really hit the UK's economy.

Of course, though Nigel Farage has said a number of odd things in his time, he has never said anything like what the Tory fearmonger claims. It would be so insane to suggest this that not even the chief UKIP fruitcake would even contemplate it. But Anna does nt care that what she said is a total lie she just said it anyway. 

If you throw enough mud you may convince some folks. Or perhaps the British people will just come to the conclusion that project fear has told so many lies that - in fact - nothing it says can be trusted. The more ridiculous the claims it makes the greater the chances of that happening.

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