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Ben Simons PR fecking genius from Vigo Communications - you are an annoying little twerp

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 20 April 2016

Yesterday I was told that a man called Ben had called someone who stopped working here a year ago saying he wanted to speak about Rockhopper Exploration (RKH) - a Falklands oil ramp. Ben refused to give his full name or say what he wanted when he spoke to our ex employee, Princess Leia. She said he was jolly rude.

Leia, being a smart bird, googled his mobile and discovered that this was Ben Simons a PR himbo from Vigo Communications and passed this information on to me. I called - being a polite fellow - leaving a clear message for Mr Simons who of course is not a himbo but must be a fecking genius because he is in PR and everyone in PR is a fecking genius especially if they work for those fascist, journalist smearing, bullying scumbags at Citigate Dewe Rogerson.

Mr Simons has not returned that call. And thus someone whose job is to sell stories to the press so should at least show some manners to journalists has pissed me off by wasting my time and pissed me off by being rude to my friend Leia. Whatever...

I really dont care what the little twerp is up to it just amazes me that PLCs pay so much money to have such inept folks handling their PR. It's just money down the drain.

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